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"Forget expectation. Just write."

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I usually write fantasy stuff, 'cause I'm a huge dreamer and I always imagine that these imaginary things I come with are real. Recently, I've gotten into romance...but, as always, I add a little fantasy twist to it. ;) However, most of those stories that I've written are not on this site, since I don't want them on the internet if, by chance, I publish any of them.

I also have a account! All of the stories I write on there are Naruto fanfics...despite the fact that I've gotten bored with Naruto, I still find it to be the easiest to write fanfics about. Probably becuase it was the first anime/manga I got into and I know the characters well. Anyway, I have 10 stories for Naruto, and Harry Potter, on that site. Check it out! ("Shinobi Magic" is my biggest one while "The Whole Story" is my most difficult, yet most satisfying project.) I haven't updated in a while because I've been focusing on my novel, but read anyway!

Fanfiction penname: xXx Fantasy xXx

Fanfiction profile:

MY NOVEL! I'm working on a novel called "Sojjiyu", which prevents me from updating frequently. Sorry. I will not be posting this on fictionpress I don't think...but we'll see. It's fantasy of course. It's about a valley village called Sojjiyu and three friends who live in this village. A mysterious power is destroying the surrounding nations and they all flock to Sojjiyu, since it is the only place that the mysterious power cannot touch. There's a lot of drama, death, and suspense, mixed in with some romance, and I'm finding it very difficult to write due to my multitude of characters and plot twists, but it is SO much fun. Mostly because the names are super unique (I came up with them myself) and I based all of my characters off of someone I know. It's fun to show these people the story and watch them laugh at their own character. Apparently, I know people very well. xD

I've already planned out a sequel to it as well, called "Anirbas" and its about the civil war in - you got it - Anirbas, a nation outside of Sojjiyu. And a threequel! "Uorrea," which is the name of another great nation outside of Sojjiyu. The three main characters, plus some others, from "Sojjiyu", are once again the main characters of this book. It's great, I promise.

If you wish to read this story, I'd be happy to send it to you. Just PM me!

Oh and...PLEASE READ MY NEW STORY! It's called "The Bucket List." I wrote it with my friends and myself in mind. It's got some sci-fi, some romance, lots of adventure, some action, boatloads of friendships, new and old, some drama, and whole bunch of sheer teenage stupidity!

Because I really want people to read my story...














Well, that's it for now. Hope you guys enjoy my stories, and I hope to hear from all of you! I try to make a point of replying to all of my reviewers, though until I get some sort of following going, I'm not likely to do that. So read! And review! ...And then review again!

And again, possibly?

Eh, I won't push my luck. xD


Inspirational writing quotes by Natalie Goldberg.

"Stay in the trenches with details. Don't jump out because it is scary to be there."

"Let everything run through you and grab as much as you can of it with a pen and paper."

"Real writing comes from the whole body."

"Our job is to write, to not look up from our notebook and wonder how much money Normal Mailer makes."

"We write because we write and for no other reason. That's good."

"A writer's path includes concentration, slowing down, commitment, awareness, loneliness, faith, a breakdown of ordinary perceptions."

"Write what disturbs you, what you fear, what you have not been willing to speak about. Be willing to be split open."

"When we actually write and lift that heavy pen to the vast page, beings seen and unseen help us."

"What we know matters less than how we tell it."

"The reader wants to come along with you. Take her."

"If you want to write, write. This is your life. You are responsible for it. You will not live forever. Don't wait. make the time now, even if it is ten minutes once a week."

"Writing is a place where we can meet ourselves deeply, encounter the imprint of something immense running through us."

"Writing is a way to connect with our own minds, to discover what we really think, see, and feel, rather than what we think we should think, see, and feel."

"Writing is the willingness to see."

"The only failure in writing is when you stop doing it."

"There is a balance that we all have to learn: write, read what we have written, listen to ourselves, step away, talk to a few writing friends we trust, dive down again."

"Go ahead. Say it: 'I am a writer.' Practice saying it when people ask you what you do. You might feel like a complete fool. That is okay. Step forward and say it anyway."

"Don't hurry to make sense. You might land too quickly and miss out on half your mind."

"We're all lost - and those of us who come to writing are searching for our jolt home."

"Finally a writer must be willing to sit at the bottom of the pit, commit herself to stay there, and let all the wild animals approach, even call them up, then face them, write them down, and not run away."

"Our voice emerges when we're jolted, loosened, connected to ourselves in a way that's bigger than ourselves."

"We must be willing to throw away a lot, no matter how much hard work we've put into it. That work is not wasted. It's the path that leads to the entryway."

"Anything you do deeply is lonely."

"We all have to tell our stories."

"Tell the plain truth."

"If something scary comes up, go for it. That's where the energy is."

"No topic is perfect. You just have to shut up and write."

"Follow what you love and it will take you where you need to go."

"Writing is about community, even if you write alone."

"Every moment is enormous, and it is all we have."

"Our job is to wake up everything."

"Writing is a great journey. It is a path with the possibility of making us free. And it can do all of this while you sit at a desk."

"When we write we begin to taste the texture of our own mind."

"Each time we sit down to write we have to be willing to let go and enter something bigger than ourselves."

"Writing brings you back to the natural state of mind, the wilderness of your mind where there are no refined rows of gladiolas."

"Ask yourself, 'What do I love deeply? What has brought me to my knees? What has totally broken me?' The combination of these answers can give you a voice."

"Say what you want to say. Don't worry if it's correct, polite, appropriate. Just let it rip."

"If you want to see your own face, if you want to drop off the old yellow coat of yourself, pick up the pen."

"Don't chastise yourself as you are writing. Be gentle with yourself."

"Don't worry about style. Be who you are, breathe fully, be alive, and write."

"Your own mind has its own paths to travel. Just step out of its way."

"The more deeply we can allow ourselves to sink into the darkness of our own selves, the more we can settle into the mind of being a writer."

"Trust your own mind."

"Don't wait for 100% acceptance of yourself before you write, or even 80%. Just write. The process of writing will teach you about acceptance."

"In order to write you must have confidence in your own experience, that it is rich enough to write about."

"Let the furnace of writing be fueled by what pleases you, so as you write about rage and destruction, you don't get stuck there. The world is bigger than that."

"Move close to that aching hunger you have inside."

"Be willing to speak from a different place, to discover memories you didn't even know were there."

"In writing, stay with first thoughts, that raw energy that comes fro the bottom of the mind."

And my personal favorite:

"Forget expectation. Just write."

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