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Hey! If you clicked on this profile thingy then you must be interested in my stories! Yay! I'm so happy that you are! So, in case you might not know yet, my name's Kuruk; your everyday writer that loves romance!

So, this account has a lot of slash! Why?? Cause I luvs slash! So, don't like don't read!

Read on to learn a little about me, my upcoming stories, and easy links to my other published stories! Have fun!

Plot Bunnies

Um, just know that even though they aren't published they're still my ideas... I'd appreciate it if you respect my ideas by not taking them for yourselves...

I Hate You For Haunting Me- Slash, M/M. Fifteen and not really after much, Adam lives life as lazily as he can. He's failing school, most of his relationships are falling apart and his parents think he's a lost cause. One day while walking home from school, Adam runs into a very uptight, proper younger boy that seems to be the complete opposite of him. It's hate at first sight, making Adam want to run far away from the kid. But when he runs into him again a few days later, he runs through him. Turns out the kid is a ghost, and Adam is the only one that can see him! Stuck with him now, Adam thinks his life is over... Until he learns more about the ghost's, a boy named Sai's, mysterious past... and he is inexpicably drawn to him until they're... attempting to touch each other...!? Well, besides their budding relationship, it's up to Adam to help Sai move on... whether it be to go to the afterlife or continue life as a human, Adam must help him find his way. It seems hopeless to get what he wants, until one day, he finds the living piece of Sai... that's more far gone than the ghost is. Can Adam get Sai out of his eternal sleep and back to life? Well, if they're ever going to do that touching they might as well...

Infectious Smiles- Slash, M/M. The World's Best is the ultra-popular TV Show that, every season, auditions hopeful singers and narrows them down to 24, then by 4 each time until 12, and by 1 each all the way down to 1. Now in its eighth season, people think its getting old and boring... until the next contestants seem to be the best yet. One such hopeful is David Carey, a cute, always-smiling sixteen year old who's voice seems to move the crowd to tears... especially the female population. Another is Chad Buckley, seventeen, cunning and very gay with a voice that surprises everyone at seventeen, he's in it to win it. So if that means latching onto a poor, confused David then that's what Chad has to do. Drawing David into a relationship, Chad may just sabotage his biggest threat... until David's best friend Avery enters the picture and finally reveals the feelings he's always hidden for his best friend. Normally Chad would steal David back, but when the cunning contestant finds himself actually attracted to the love-tortured Avery, a love triangle is started that may just tear the show, and them, apart before the next Best Singer is crowned. So, the million dollar question is, who will win not the title of Best Singer, but the heart of the poor David? A best friend who has loved him since they were children, or a cunning rival who finds himself falling for his own rival for David's affections? Tune into Season Eight of The World's Best to find out!!

Get in the Van- Slash, M/M. Andrew is a sixteen year old trust fund kid; complete with a rebellious attitude and tons of issues. His dad doesn't pay any attention to him and his mom is dead, leaving him to fester in his resentment and misbehaving. One day, on the way back home from buying drugs, Andrew is abducted by a masked man. Blindfolded and gagged, the troubled teen is taken to a small town in the middle of nowhere where his kidnapper demands two hundred thousand dollars from his father. At first Andrew hates his kidnapper. But after spending a few days with him he learns of his motives for kidnapping him which are so alien to Andrew that he can't understand why he would bother. Living with his seventeen year old kidnapper and his son until his dad coughs up the money, Andrew may just learn a few things about life and feeling... And what happens when Andrew begis to develop some feelings for his handsome and kind kidnapper? Read to find out

Atonement- Slash, M/M. On an unnaturally cool summer's day in 1919 England, a young girl witnesses a passionate scene between her older brother and the servant's son. From this one sighting and many others, a series of unforunate, hateful events spiral downwards and tear apart two young lovers by a false accusation of horrible proportions. While one of the young lovers is put on trial for a crime he did not commit, the other grapples with telling his family the truth and having them expell him from their lives and staying silent and losing his love forever as his younger sister testifies against him. In a society that says that such love is a crime, two lovers, seventeen year old Jacob and sixteen year old Edward come to terms with what they feel and if it is worth fighting for.

Dull Pang- Slash, M/M. Tom and Noah have been best friends since they were five. Tom and Noah have been lovers since they were thirteen. Noah loves his best friend, but Tom cannot feel anything but the rush of causing other people pain... Tom and Noah are accomplices in a series of grueling murders. Noah's love and devotions keeps him bound to a sociopath that leads him to committing horrible, unthinkable crimes... all to stay close to him. But when Valerie, a determined police officer begins investigating the 'Soulless Murders', the ties they share are put to the test. Noah tries to protect Tom at all costs, but when the push comes to shove, will he return the favor? Murder, love, determination, insanity and death, mashed into one destructive downward spiral. Each chapter done in a different POV: wither Noah, Tom or Valerie.

Lie Yourself Out Of This One- Slash, M/M and some F/F. Mia is the hotshot defense attorney everyone wants as their lawyer. She's thirty-three, happily married to a stay-at-home dad who takes care of their teenage son, has lots of clients who come to her for anything and pay her the big bucks to get them out of, and she's beautiful. But, like most people, she has a secret that threatens her livelihood today. Going through an early midlife crisis doesn't help things, considering you're doubting what exactly you're doing defending the rich, famous and guilty from the law's judgment. And then, your son starts sleeping around... with people of the same gender. And then you have lots of blackmail arriving on your front porch. So, what's a poor defense lawyer to do? Start over, of course! Dump that leech of a husband, send all those rich clients to hell pack up your things, forcibly make your son follow, and hit the road with all the money you've been saving. And go back home...? To the woman you loved? Well, yeah... but she's married now. And you just can't get over that. But, you're a lawyer! You always get your way... right?


(no one's asked, but, hell, I'll answer them anyway!)

What does your penname mean? ... It's a character in my work-in-progress that I might or might not publish... I did not get this from the show Avatar: The Last Airbender (yes, I've been asked...) I really don't know why I chose that name, it was just unique and stuff and I loved it! So there!

Will you ever give up on one of your fics? Depends... but most of the time I will NEVER EVER give up on one of them! It's unfair to the readers and mean... so I won't do that.

Why don't you ever tell about your statistics (name, age, race, etc.)? Does it matter? Really, will you like my writing more if you knew what my name was, how old I was, if I was black or white or anything in between? No, you wouldn't. You're either a good writer or you're not; better to remain anonymous and be judged on my writing, not what I am.

Why are you writing slash and other things like it? Honestly? I'm trying to get accustomed to writing it. I was pretty reluctant about writing it and practically forced myself to do so. I need to have no qualms about anything, hence these fics.

Will you post more long-fics at the same time? (Bites lip...) On my FanFiction I made that mistake and I had to go on a two-week hiatus to get back in the zone after I basically burned myself out with too much creative stuff. I can't promise I will or I won't; I don't know if I might need a breath of fresh air to get me back in the game. But, I can tell you that the most I'll ever be juggling at one time is two... maybe three.

Will you ever post oneshots? Yup! But sparodically. Maybe I'll get an urge to write something short and sweet every once and a while... so I really can't tell you when I will. It depends on the muses and stuff... okay, maybe if the writing bug bites me I'll spend an entire week posting oneshots... maybe not. Once again, it depends...

Do you know where your fics are going when you start them? Pretty much, yes. When I start a fic I have the general idea where it's going. I will never discontinue a fic that I run into a dead end in... I'll find a way to end it, okay?

Why do you stick to romance? Because I'm a hopeless romantic. Well, that and that I write best while meticulously planning out relationships and romance that makes your heart fuzzy... I do love romance, as you can probably tell...

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