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A Promised Freedom is now on FP, also, I have a website (click on Homepage) and soon to be added are character bio's and Pictures, I will tell you when I have those up. Thanks- Essie

June 25, 2008 Update! Hey! So, I combined the First and Second Chapters of Kiss the Moon, and I think it sounds better, How 'bout you? Well, I'm working on revising the Chapters, and have decided to adopt ClumsyBella15's writing disapline, I won't post a chapter untill I have the next chapter ready to go. That, sadly means that It may take a little longer than I had previosly expected, but the writing quality (hopefully) will improve. I am also workign on other ideas for different stories, I know I shouldn't, but if you haven't noticed, I am a crazed and rebelious teenager with rabvies, okay, so the last one was a joke, but i am crazy and rebelious, so you can't keep me from writing new things, uless you kill my computer, maybe then you could stop me, but i wouldn't be able to update other things either, so it's a lose-lose situation.

So, i have the F.O.C. of kiss the Moon is Finally Up. And, I am Now An Official Beta Reader! YAY! i will Beta Read Anything! just ask! Also, my official E-mail has Changed, so if you mailed anything to the old one, i did not get it. please E-mail it to this more Recent Mail. So, if you mailed anything to the old one, just tell me. and re send it to my new mail adress. So, You can have me beta read your stories, e-mail me, and read+review KTM F.O.C. Yay!

hey, Right now at the moment I am revising Kiss Me sweetly, changing some things around and re-doing things that i don't feel completely express how i picture the storyline going. Essie

Sorry It's been so long, and I know that I promised to get the next chapters up, I've just been so busy and although that's not really an excuse i still feel bad. But i have begun writing again, and hopefully i will have some free time to work on them. Essie

Hey all, Good news, i got the first chapter of Kiss the moon up! YAY! Okay, so i admit it's not really a chapter, it's more like the prolouge, so it's real short, but i will get the First Official Chapter (F.O.C) up real soon. It is like completely opposite as i first thought, but it is what i came up with, and i really like the direction that it's heading so far. Keep Ya posted.!

Thursday, February 21, 2008: Hey, Sorry I haven’t been on so much lately. I’ve been working on a new publication, Kiss The Moon or something along those lines. Again, it will be about Vampires. (I just can’t get enough of them. Plus they’re really hot.!!) So I have been spending more time working on that, than on Kiss Me Sweetly. But I promise that as soon as I have the first chapter of Kiss The Moon up, I will be devoted equally to each. Promise. If you want the gist of things, basically Kiss The Moon is going to be about a human and a vampire falling in love. I have this all planned out, and I hope to get the first chapter up by at the most March first, preferably before the end of Febuary. Thanks for the support and actually enjoying my writing. (that continues to amaze me immensly everyday. : P)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007- Hi, Essie here. I haven't posted anything up about myself here. I guess i didn't know what to say. still don't know what to say, but i'm going to try to tell a little about myself.

Name: Essie or Sarahbeth (That's my birth name)

Age: 14

Location: North-Eastern Ohio, USA.

Birthday: October 2

E-Mail: (I use this e-mail for FictionPress only.) Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have :) NO pervs please. Thanks!

Hobbies: I play piano, oboe and flute. I'm in the process of learning both trumpet and/or guitar. (don't know which is best yet, help is appreciated in deciding if you'd like). I also knit. But by FAR, my favorite hobby is Reading and writing. I mean, hey, that's where almost all my inspiration comes from, reading an idea and taking a couple steps further and making it my own.

Favorite Books: "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer. I absolutely loved this book. It was what first made me fall in love with vampires. (Edward rocks). I also recommend reading the continuation of Bella and Edwards romance in "New Moon" and "Eclipse" (both also by Stephenie Meyer). Another awesome vampire series (as you soon will realize, I have an absurd obsession with them. kinda scary huh.) is the "Vampire Kisses" series. Sorry, I forgot who the author was. But, along with vampires, I'm a sucker for sappy romance. I love Sarah Dessen's novels. They are chock full of romance, I get so much inspiration from her sweet romantic characters.

Okay, so if you actually read this far into my Super Boring post I would like to thank you. so... ˜Thank You˜


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A Promised Freedom reviews
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