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I am a pure guy with a young mind. I am a new kid on the block as far as writing poetry. I am here to express my sensations with everyone that's interested in reading my poems. Feel free to correct me with any constructive criticism as long as they can help me improve my imaginary and expressions. I start off here because of my love to a special someone, but sadly, our relationship comes to an end after all. Sigh

Special thanks to all your concerned readers, I am deeply grateful to all of you who consoled me throughout my rocky year. Instead of what I was hoping for at the beginning of 2008, everything turned out against my wishes. Doomed 2008! Many people have the tendency of reading only recent poems. In order to fully gasp the meanings and truly understand my feelings, I hope my readers to view each of my poems, as these poems in my opinion, timeless artworks.

Latest development - November 5, 2008: I thought she's faithful, I thought she's mine, I thought her feelings for me was real, I thought everything was perfect until... I found out the truth. She made me believe everything she said was sincere, everything she did was from her heart and we could be in love no matter what. I must admit I fell too deep into her to ever doubt anything about her. After all, you know something is definitely wrong when she last called on December 26, 2007 and the last sms she sent to me was in March. She made me believe I was her only one... I no longer have trust in her anymore since I found out almost all of her hidden secrets. I knew she was telling lies, lies, and lies about everything, just everything. I fell too deep in her to even doubt about anything she said. Now that truth has finally come to surface. It's devastating. How would you feel about falling in love so deeply with someone and finally realized that one was just cheating on you all along? I have learnt my lesson, a deadly one. Where am I? I dont know. I am battered, lying in a pool of blood, losing my consciousness...

Here, in my little poetry, life blog, I have come to my senses as to why am I being such a wicked fool, retard and fell so deeply in love with one that never truly loved me. With all of those questions I always had in mind but never even given any chances to face and ask her. Since Valentine, I haven't got to see her up until this day. Now that I've found out, she's gone.

She's gone, yes, there shouldn't be any more depressions or pains now. She's already had someone else in her heart and has already given her virginity to him. It gives me a phenomenally shocking effect at first, but eventually, I am coming to heal drastically. No matter how great relationship seems to be, cheating will end it all. Finally, after a near year long rocky up and down love or doubt affair, I can breathe new air to my life as I am looking forward to start a new life.

"If someone hurts you,
betrays you, or breaks your heart,
forgive them for they have helped
you learn about trust and
the importance of being cautious
to who you open you heart to."

November 22,2008: When you are least expected, something strange comes out of nowhere. That's definitely true. Today, She appeared right before my eyes. Yes, my own eyes. Can it be more weird seeing someone you strive to see all year long and all of a sudden, that person unearthed? When I first saw her in November 20, 2007. It gave me a sparking feeling instantly, my heart just couldn't stop jumping, I was simply stunned. This time, my inside too was a bit in flutter, but not for long. Somehow, this Stephanie is no longer the one that I used to know. She is no longer that smart, pure, innocent, sweet, loving and caring angel. What I see today, was no longer someone that even resembling to whom I had always had in heart. You can tell, that much changes have since took place that she changed dramatically. Simply put, a devil has taken over her and turned her into a witch.

Altough a rarity these days, I am 22 and proud to remained a virgin. That may suggest why my awkward feelings have kept on distancing myself and being extremely scrupulous to even close to any females with impurity backgrounds. That said, it's unfortunate to know this world is getting smaller day after day. As the days gone by, soon there won't be much virgins of my age. :( I have learned this especially from this bad experience of mine.

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