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Who am I? Who is anyone? Who are we but travelers, wanderers, just looking for meaning and purpose...

Okay, Kim, not the time to get deep here. ;D

Well, as you may have deducted, my name is Kim, I am (I would like to think this is obvious, but it never hurts to clarify) a girl. At fourteen years old, I am the older sibling of five children. (Childcare at it's best? No. Enough to convince me not to have kids? Maybe. JK, my sibs are the best. ((most of the time -shifty eyes-))) I live out in a tiny rural town where everyone knows everyone and the sun shines. I have been writing seriously (fiction and fanfiction) for about three years, so I'm still learning. Sorry if my stuff REALLY makes you want to puke. (Like I feel like doing half the time, but whatever -eyeroll-) I hope to be an author when I get older, so getting a jump start on that could help me out.


-Historical--> Mostly pirates ((ARG! PD )) but I am also interested in the American Southern States pre-Civil war and Shakespearean England.

-Horror--> I live for it. I like being scared, but not toooo scared. I like being able to see the goosebumps on my arm while I'm reading, not being able to visualize the monster stalking me. I like the SPOOKY scary, not the SCARRING scary. (X Files owns me)

-Humor--> Quite simply, I like to laugh at what I wrote. Doesn't happen as much as I like. SO-- I plan I making myself laugh more in the future. Humor is not my strong point though, so I feel that if I write humor, it'll be co-written with my bff.

-Mystery--> Again, X Files = pwnage. I'm not really clever enough to write a full mystery, but reading them is fun, and if I get around to writing a horror/supernatural/sci-fi story, then mystery will probably get thrown in there too.

-Mythology--> Greek/Roman mythology is just so darn sa-weet, I can't help but include this.

-Romance--> I am a HOPELESS romantic. I won't show many people this side, but I am a huge sap when it comes to romance. (Stephanie Meyer is the BOMB)

-Science-Fiction--> Future or Post-Apocalyptic fiction intrigues me (especially playing with societies, it's so much fun! 8) ) I also love all those alien invasion things. Outer-Space is too big to be empty. And laser-guns are too awesome to ignore. Espionage and government conspiricies are also another awesome catergory. ;D

-Spiritual--> I'm a believer in the Lord, I always try to have a positive message/moral in my stories. Jesus will always have a place in anything I write. 0:)

-Supernatural--> Ghosts and spirits, ooh, spooky! The X Files is really what brought me to this genre, but if I can be creative enough to think of a good enough Supernatural, I would be delighted to write for it.

Stories in Progress-

Sci-fi. Delaney Isadore is a 15 year old girl living in a city of complete censorship. Where you only leave the city once in your life: on a senior trip for 15 year old students. This trip, Delaney's got a plan to liberate her entire class. Will sucess keep the kids free, or will the city's government make them all mysteriously disappear?

Historical. Year: 1908. Little Jamie Miller dreads the weeks she's going to have to spend with her kooky Grandfather, but Jamie begins to enjoy his adventurous tales about the Pirates of the Bleeding Heart. Follow Cap'n James Scott, and his devilish sister, Nicciandra, the princess-turn-pirate Ariana Barton and the escaped slave First Mate Carmelita on their unbelievable adventures as Jamie does.

Supernatural. Isabella's problems begin when her twin brother, Corey, falls for a princess named Colette. Problems arise from then on, taking the twins further and further into the dark and secret mysteries of a gorgeous and all powerful spirit named Onyx.

General. Acacia is the older sister who never does anything wrong, but her father still doesn't see her as worth anything. Her younger sister, Angelina is an angel, a beam of light, who never is scolded no matter what she does. When Acacia takes a chance and lets her sister's kind actions influence her, Acacia becomes someone she never thought she could be.

Supernatural. Ezmerelda was given a gift when she was born, the gift of beauty. Now, she is a formless shapeshifter who looks like every guy's dream girl. So what happens when she falls in love?

Short Stories-

General. Little Anna plants a tree in her family's field in the valley. She didn't know she was planting her lifetime guardian and that of her children. Vignettes from the tree's point of view. Very sad, but touching. For an English portfolio. (sorry, I was kind of rushed -_o)

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