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My name is Snow. Ok, I lied, my name's not Snow, but that's what my friends call me. I wanted that to be my pen name--Snow--but it was already taken, so I went onto babynamesworld . com and typed in 'Snow' under meaning search. Aneira was the first name to come up. It's very pretty, so, in addition to being called Snow, I wouldn't mind being referred to as Aneira.

This has to be the worst intro I've ever written,

(I'm writing fast-something I never do)

Ugh, its so choppy, I'll have to edit it later.

Anyway, I just activated my account, so I can't publish any stories yet. Normally, I'm not the kind of person to post my writing on the web for just anyone to see, but my bff, Ciirus the dragonrider, convinced me to get an account. I don't plan on putting any of my best work here (too easily stolen--as if anyone honestly wants to steal anything from me), so I don't mind critiques if that means I get reviews :) . Reviews sound fun.

Anyway, I love to edit stuff (and am pretty good at it, just ask Ciirus), so if anyone has any stories that need editting, you can send them to me.

Very Sincerely,

Aneira - Snow