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Greetings fellow writers,

I admit that I am less active in posting to this site than I once was, for two reasons. One is that I have become preoccupied with something else in my life, and the other is that I had a brush with plagiarism which has left me a bit nervous about posting. (Hence, I will post only the first few chapters of Blood Moon and Silent Moon, though both stories are complete) However, I still enjoy writing very much and I intend to keep it up no matter what. On that note, I am happy when people like my stories, but please don't take my ideas. Every time someone steals an idea a magical fairy somewhere drops dead... :(

Blood Moon and Silent Moon are still among the favorite pieces that I have written. As I have grown as a writer, so too have they changed and improved with me. Like two friends who have each taken a quiet, gentle hold of my hand, they occasionally whisper in my ear, encouraging me not to give up.

Blood Moon was inspired by a dream I had one evening, which was the sort of dream one awakens from in a cold sweat, terrified heart pounding loudly in one's ears. I had dreamed of riding a horse across a dirt road at night, and seeing a crouched form deep in the forest, staring at me with not-quite-human yellow eyes. In my sleep, I muttered "werewolf". The creature only watched me pass by, each of us maintaining an unspoken but tense neutrality. The only explanation I can offer to my level of terror about that dream is that "it was just so real".

Thus I knew it had to become a story. It has been a long road, littered with many obstacles and deterrents. It has taken me four years to complete the two books, and as I finished typing the last sentence of Silent Moon, I realized that the story still wasn't over. Not even close. So the "book" that I originally intended to write has now become a trilogy. Poor Molly, I want so much to give her a happy ending, but the truth is that I can't... just yet.

As always, Happy Writing!

Scarlet Lady

PS... Reviews make me happy, and I update sooner when I get them.

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