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Author has written 10 stories for Fantasy, General, Humor, and Sci-Fi.

I guess those that got this far want to know more about the man behind the stories. Well, here goes!

I'm your standard bookworm who dreams of one day doing what he loves, and that's stories. Maybe every big-time reader feels the need to try writing for themselves, or maybe that's just for a select few. Regardless, I intend to post what I have so far and improve as I go. Any suggestions on how to go about with improving would be greatly appreciated.

Now that I have some stories posted, I'll quickly go over them (more or less in the order of when I started writing them).

Power's Price is the product of years of idle world creation and sudden inspiration brought on by staying up way later than I'm used to. I'm almost done with the first segment, which focuses on introducing the world and the magic system (through the eyes of the main character), so now we can start getting down to the action and drama.

Sarl is a spooky short story that I wrote, and I feel pretty proud of it. Take a look at it, but not if you're easily creeped out.

Inca Magic is my attempt to write something that isn't mainstream fantasy. I tried a previous draft, but nobody would review it (which I take to mean that it wasn't too good). Therefore, this is my second draft. Hopefully it draws some response this time around.

Elements' Melody is the result of a love for writing and a love for D&D. However, I've really reworked it so hopefully it loses the geek factor and gains the awesome-story factor. It originally was a campaign that my friends and I ran, and I thought it might be good practice to put it down on paper.

Sir Gwaith and the Dragon is a funny little thing I put together when I couldn't bring myself to actually do my homework. Thankfully its existence did not sink my GPA.

Little Green Man Plumbing is a crazy idea I had for contemporary fantasy. I admit that I've read Twilight (if you don't understand why I might have denied that, just bear in mind that I'm male). I started thinking, 'why are the beautiful mythical creatures the ones that end up in human society and the ugly ones never get put in?' Here's the story of one of the ugly ones making his way in modern society.

Wordsmith is the result of making a world just for fun, then liking the result so much that I couldn't leave it alone. I hope I can do that awesome world justice in my story. This one is literally spur of the moment, since I wrote the first draft about a day or two after first brain-storming the world.

A Good Man was something that I had running through my head when I woke up one morning. I'm still not too sure where the inspiration for it came from. I aimed to keep it time- and area-neutral, so that it's less of a bit of historical fiction and more of an abstract piece. I consider it my finest short story.

Dreams of Dust was what I put together for Nanowrimo '09. Tell me what you think and how it can improve.

Toymaker was my attempt for Nanowrimo '10, which I didn't finish. However, I hope to get it onto paper and on here so that you can tell me how to improve it.

I have a few other ideas that I'll be trying to get down on paper, but between work and actually trying to have a life, time is scarce. We'll see how it goes.

Aside from writing, another interest of mine is language. I'm fluent in a few different languages and am striving to learn others as I go. No, I don't speak Klingon or Elvish; my focus is on modern, real-life languages, though I admit to having tried making artificial languages before. My pen name is "green" in Arabic, for those that might have been wondering.

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I must admit, your situation is a bit… unique. The others in the office were scratching their heads over your request to settle in twentieth-century earth, but you did submit all the proper paperwork for the change.
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