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I've never written a full novel or a really long story before, but after my friend introduced me to this site, I got an inspiration (I know I sound like I'm being all dramatic). But seriously. And I really love to read manga books, so I thought, hm, why not write a novel? So here I go with my first "novel." I couldn't think of a good title, so I made my favorite drink the title. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it if he or she told me. :)

I'm hoping that people will enjoy reading my stories. This is my first time, so I hope people give me a lot of constructive reviews and criticism so that I can improve my work! And maybe, if I'm really lucky, I'll get my work published some day.

I love Vampire Knights, Fruit Basket, Kamichama Karin, and D.N. Angel. So far, Vampire Knights has me HOOKED. I love it! I try to look at the pictures in it and try to learn how to draw far I can't do the bodies all that well, but I'm pretty good with the faces.

Okay, so for both of my stories, I'll give a little character overview:

The Hour of Night and Day


Caleb - Jen's boyfriend and a silly, playful boy who looks like a model! He's not Japanese, but he can speak it.
Granny Ri - Kisa's legal guardian. Very sweet and loves gardening.
Haru - the mysterious angan who comes to live with the group in Kaito's house one day. He might even by Ryou!
Kaito - the main character who "kidnaps" Kisa
Kisa - the other main character, half angan and haf devan, but acts like a total angan.
Jen - a very pretty, hyper girl who is skilled in cooking. She's already trained in using the Book. She's not Japanese, but she can speak it.
Jung - Kisa's childhood friend who also lived in the orphanage. He, however, was adopted by a rich family.
Michi - a shy angan, the other half of Miki.
Miki - Michi's twin, totally opposite! She's very lively. Both twins were picked up by Kaito one day.
Ryou - a devan who saved Kisa's life when she was small.
Sia - the snobby, rich girl who is in love with both Kaito and Jung

Misfortune Mitsu

Mitsu - the main character whom Death wants.
Kiyro - the boy who Mitsu has to share a room with and who is Mitsu's bodyguard.
Asa - the senior in high school who is concerned too much with looks
Malik - the mysterious senior who had a sister die just like the way Mitsu is...
Ryou - the rich son who seems to know something that Mitsu doesn't.
Kisa - the small orphan of the orphanage. Very sweet.
Haru and Hatori - the orphan twins.
June - Mitsu's first friend at school.
Emi - June's best friend
Daichi - Emi's boyfriend
Ichigo - the owner of the orphanage.
Mika - Ichigo's close friend

Sorry, this isn't exactly thorough, but I couldn't describe them without bascially telling my story, so...I think it'd be easier if you guys read my story d:) (this is my smiley with a cap).

I haven't really introduced myself...

Age : 15
Hobbies : Reading, writing, drawing, playing violin, and piano.

I like to draw a LOT. I usually doodle during class, and recently I got some drawing paper. I'm hoping to scan my pictures online, even though I'm sure a lot of you could do better :D

Well, enjoy my stories and please review so I can improve them for potential publishment! (is that a word?)

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