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ack...i LOVE gundam wing!!! i finished watching the whole series AND the movie! ^_^ and i bought these snap-together gundam figures...they are SO fun to put togther!! ive got 14 so far!

i just LOVE quatre! hes too kawaii! and im a complete 3x4 (trowa X quatre) fan/believer! for one thing, i just love the couple and think theyre good together, and another...i PERSONALLY think that there is a lot of evidence on the series...BUT thats only my opinion...but anyways...this has become my fave coupling and im like addicted! //_^;; (hehheh...look, its trowa!)...but i dont like 4x3 as much as 3x4...

i also like 1x2 (heero X duo) and 2x1 ...either one really...and i hate to say this, but...i REALLY cant stand relena...i mean in some fics people make her tolerable, but in the series, she was just IRRITATING! ...always running after and screaming heeros name! :shakes head:

i really like sally po...shes rockin! and i LOVE her hair!!! i want sally po hair!! hildes cool too...i like both of thier dubbed voices better than the japanese one though...dunno, theyre just neat...but i DEFINATELY like they g-boys japanese voices better...specially quatre! ^_~ his dubbed voice just doesnt seem to suit him...once i heard the japan. and then listened to the dub again, the dub sounded so...WRONG for him! hes too sweet for a deep voice...he NEEDS that sweet feminine voice!

oh, and or all those people who just think quatres a girly-sissy-boy just cause hes a bit feminine...but quatre can kick just as much ass as the rest of them! plus hes a great tactician and strategist, good for making battle plans... anyways, quatre kicks ass!

well...i guess ill stop ranting and babbling about gundam wing now!... ^_^;;


...oh and i got this anime GRAVITATION!!!! shuichi is SOOOOOOO kawaii!!!! and i LOVE kumagorou!! ryuichi is so adorable!! ^_^ ahhhh...if you havent seen it, youve GOTTA...its just the best!!! the only place i could find my copy though was ebay -_-;; ah well...


well...i have a SLIGHT ^^; DIGIMON obsession, it used to be worse, but my obsessive tendencies seem to have transfered to g.wing now...but, i still LOVE digimon... it rocks! my fave digidestined is daisuke (davis)... i dont care what anybody says! he's just too adorable! i also like takeru (tk), and miyako (yolie)...OOOOH!! and koushiro (izzy)!!! i LOVE him!! hes so kawaii! ^_^ fave digimon are chibimon + veemon , tentomon, bukamon + gomamon (hes HILARIOUS!), and i think wormmon is so adorable. my fave couple used to be taiora...but somehow i came across a few daikeru/takedai 's and now i'm like addicted! so now thats my fave coupling and what i mostly write... i also like reading taito/yamachi and kensuke/daiken, but i cant bring myself to write it for some reason... well, guess thats enough rambling bout my little irrational obsession with DIGIMON...

~*~*~*~ ^_^annabelle manix^_^

"mahou wo tsukaeru you ni, nagareboshi ni onegai wo

ashita mo kyou ga tsuzuku no? negaeba kitto tsuzuku yo ne

hora akushu wo sureba ishindenshin

kimi mo egao wo misete, zutto be all right..."

~*~from 'be all right' (takaishi takeru 01 image song)~*~

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ive been bored lately so during my lunch break at work the other day i was walking through the mall and visiting one of my fave stores for digimon stuff, suncoast video...well, i saw this anime series 'serial experiments lain' there, so i decided to buy the first volume to see how i liked it...WAI!!! ^_^ it was SO awesome...confusing, hell yes, but really cool the next day i went back and bought the other three and they were just as good as the first! and i *LOVE* the end theme...the translated lyrics are below...well, theres another little rant from i just need to get past my damned writers block and get another story out!! well...ja ne minna!!! ^_~

"i thought i was innocent, but i'm being punished.

i didn't start this, but i have to finish it somehow.

i can't say i didn't know about it, but i don't remember taking part in it.

i get the feeling my freedom cost me dearly,

but i don't remember selling my soul cheaply.

hey, hey! until i die and say goodbye... hey, hey! one can catch me.

you probably don't know the eternal outlaws, who wander the distant night."

~^~^~end theme to 'serial experiments lain'~^~^~

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