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This is going to sound really weird, but; BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Just don't ask.

To the left there is yours truly ! Love. o.o



1. Directed downward, as the eyes

2. dejected in spirit; depressed


3. overthrow or ruin

4. a downward look or glance

A few things to note regarding my work:

-My current favorite genres include sci-fi, romance, tragedy, and mystery.

-My writing often includes dark (evil) against light (good), downfall of the light (good), ironic twists, unexpected complications, deep character thought, vivid (sometimes emotional) description, a complex storyline, satirical moments, questionable views, incomplete thoughts which are later revealed in whole, and much more.

-My characters are never without flaws. There are no "perfect" characters in my writing.

-My favorite themes in writing are supernatural entities (other-world beings, deviant human beings, angels, vampires, spellcasting beings, living curses, entirely imagined beings, etc.) who are usually searching (for something or someone), fighting (in war, friendly battle, training, to diminish threat, etc.), journeying, discovering, all through which they learn more about themselves and the other characters. During this process, the overall plot thickens, twists, comes to a climax, and revelations are, well, realized.

-There may (and probably will be) adult content, themes, and/or suggestions in my writing. My stories are not suitable for children or young teenagers. Explicit scenes are either edited out, removed, or were never existent.

-There may (and probably will be) controversial/disputable/questionable content, themes, and morals present in my writing. It is best to read my work with an open-mind. If you are easily offended, I do not recommend reading my stories.

-I prefer first person (I, me, my, etc), third person (she, he, his, etc) and occasionally third person omniscient.

Completed Stories:

Note: The following stories are already written in complete entirety.

Note: Everything I publish on FictionPress is written by me and me alone.

Hindered Hope (T) This story is written in parts, each a couple of years apart. Hindered Hope begins when Karen, a fourteen-year-old girl, and her pregnant mother are chased by an unidentified group of "bounty hunters" clad in red. They are forced to jump into a gorge, where Karen's fight for her and her younger brother's survival begins. Note regarding HH: This novel contains (but isn't focused solely on) vampires.

Note: Re-publishing these stories for my friends:

The Night Crew (T) (406 pages; 245,472 words; 2 prologues; 40 chapters; 1 epilogue).

The Night Crew: Another Story (T) (340 pages; 194,388 words, prologue; 26 chapters; epilogue).

Works in Progress:

These are my current incomplete works.

Symphonic Sanctuary (T) Description coming shortly.

Wasted Wishes (T) Description coming soon!

About Chai:

-I am twenty-three.

-Married for 7 months now with no deaths...yet! =O

-I have a three year old daughter named May Leia and a ten month old (daughter), Dakota Jade.

-I'm a brunette or something like that. =)

-I'm a stay-at-home mom for the time being.

-My other interests include video games, shopping (though I dislike crowds), photography (I like to edit photos as well), dancing/music and working out.

Don't ask me where I stand on anything. XP You probably don't want to know. ...Or do you? o.O Do you?

Enjoy my stories. That is why I write them.



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