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Name: Rhosyn Fox

Age: 35

Likes: My kitty (may her spirit soar), my puppies, chocolate, dragons, snakes, good stories, romance, BL, science fiction, fantasy, sword&sorcery,

Location: Sunny HUMID South Florida

Quote: "Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup”

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Update 02/03/2017:

I am very proud to announce Vixen’s Quill – my website site dedicated to publishing the best in adult science fiction and fantasy romance! Treat your inner bookwyrms to science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, steampunk, sword & sorcery adventures liberally doused with romance, intrigue, and erotica!

The site is due for its Grand Opening April 2, 2017! It is an 18 only membership site. While not porn the stories are aimed at adults – they contain adult themes, graphic sexual depictions, and may cover controversial subject matter. The stories are also LGBT friendly so you will find homosexual romances along heterosexual pairings.

All stories will start off as serials until completion and will then be published in e-book and print formats. Membership will be offered and will be based on tier levels. Presently, there are five serial novels being offered: Chaos Ensued, Damien, Stardust, Hello Earthling, Bound, and Lucky Matthew.

What about the stories already posted you ask? Currently, Chaos Ensued is the only original novel posted and you will always have free access to it on FictionPress, Vixen’s Quill, or any other site that I upload it to without a membership. Consider it a teaser for my other awesome original novels ;-)

My fan fiction stories will always be available on FanFiction.Net and other sites and while I still enjoy writing them my main focus is on my own original works. No memberships or donations are needed to read fan fiction as that would be illegal. Yes, for those of you asking – The Art of Being Used will be finished. It is under beta review now and as soon as we have finished nitpicking it to death, I am going to post the whole thing in one go. You guys have waited long enough for it. It has been edited and as such it does vary a bit from the draft presently posted.

I would love to make my writing my ‘day job’! Plus, I need to eat and feed the ravenous horde of Maltese who snuggle on my feet while I write! So, pretty, pretty, pretty please support me via Vixen’sQuill .com.

My Stories:

Hi, I am Rhosyn! I wrangle pot bunnies into vivid, exciting, and sensual romantic science fiction and fantasy adventures! I firmly believe that love is love no matter who your partner is (or partners in some cases) and my stories reflect that. Whether it’s your typical hero and heroine defeating the evil overlord, the evil overlord defeating the hero and winning the heroine (I do have a soft spot for villains), or two heroes or heroines deciding they've found their soul mates in each other, if it’s true love go for it. I also write for causes I believe in - equal opportunity for everyone, hard work, reading and literacy, supporting our libraries, nature and the environment, and the humane treatment of animals and preservation of endangered species.

All fan fiction stories are based off their original creator's work and I do not own them, their characters, world, settings, or stories in any way, shape, or form. No monetary gain is made from fan works and each story has a disclaimer crediting the original artist - go support them! All original characters, plots, and/or worlds are owned and copyrighted by me unless expressed otherwise. Please do not use or reprint without my permission and if for some reason you want to write fan fiction based off my original work, I am insanely flattered – just remember to give me credit for the original work please.

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