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Does anyone think I'm too young to be writing T or M rated stories?

Hey I'm Luke Ho, and I'm from Singapore. And yes, due to the fact that most people who actually read my work are girls, yes. I'm a guy.

And I'm seventeen now. Basketball! I played nationals and was MVP for the ISI...okay nevermind. Age wise, sure don't like acting like it.

Right, formalities out of the way...

Writing has always been of interest to me...usually my best works are hand written, and I find it very tedious and time consuming to type it out, thus I would probably make mistakes, but it general, I enjoy writing and so do most people. (hopefully you too.) . my base of readers isn't very high, since like most guys, I love writing actions scenes and dramatic gunfights with explosions, though I also enjoy writing the chemical romance between people.

Most of my current styles of writing are based on HIJACK, which is a secret.

-personal experience (mostly the parts where the romance COULD have happened.) =(

-and the characters are loosely named after my friends and myself. this is only temporary. they may not necessarily be linked to personalities either. otherwise people would start assuming I am arrogant. Um. So that's...pretty much it? Oh, and I'm not desperate. Please. I'm not! I'm not I'm not I'm not!

So there.

I'll change this in about a couple of months when I decide to act my age. In the meantime, ciao. is my blog. is my fanfiction profile. :) My novel Night Phantom (and later on maybe my ShadowFighterX trilogy) is partially done so I'm uploading the first few chapters, and it has a link between my fanfiction story Love Hina: Secret Loves.

Current works in Progress:

ShadowRealm (Just You and Me), ShadowFighterX, Shadow Infinity. Trilogy revolving around a horrible grim futuristic world where human bio-weapons and inhumans exist...and to cut a long story short, there's romance and fighting. You'll love it. :) All my friends did! (except it's not typed out yet) Just You and Me is going to become a first book for a series of small books. Sort of like Animorphs.

Secret Loves, The Childhood Friend or the Angel: This one's just begun recently...after the events of Night Phantom's Rain, Ren struggles between his feelings for Clarissa and Angeline, as well as having to deal with the alien invasion and everyone's reaction to his secret identity as the Night Phantom. Yes, it's a sequel.

Stealing Someone's Girlfriend: A fic I wrote out of guilt, but I'm writing part three (and maybe four), what to do if someone else's girlfriend falls for you by accident. The first two chapters, reasons for stealing someone's girlfriend and reasons why stealing someone's girlfriend is completely useless (these two are meant to contradict each other) are already up. It's not meant to be taken seriously (well the offensive parts anyway.) Enjoy. On HIATUS for awhile, till I get myself into the next life threatening situation...but I think I'm retiring soon since my best friend of 10 years is totally dropping me for my most recent situation. I guess it may never be complete. Like that part of my life.

Secret Loves, Night Phantom's Rain Redone: Is taking a really long time to update, since I keep getting distracted by other things. Its essentially a better rewrite of the original with some additional chapters. Do read.

Completed Works:

Happiness :My english compo. I failed because it was too 'graphic' so I typed it out in defiance! Read and Review! =) ..please.

Secret Loves, Night Phantom's Rain: Silver eyed mystery Ice Prince of Home Island High Ren Ho, aka secretly the vigilante Night Phantom, becomes exposed to a radiation that gives him and a bunch of other people supernatural powers! Of course, that's the least thing that he juggles with...high school, the love of a childhood friend (Clarissa), crime fighting, sex and all sorts of teenage angsty stuff. Yep. Fun.

What is Love?: I wrote this on an angsty night as part of a biography. Hopefully it makes some sense to those of who you are looking for some direction. Now that I've got angst again, I'll probably update if I learn more. Thanks to the people who put this on story alert. =)

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Lightning Origins: A Complicated Life reviews
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