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What can I say about me?

I love to write.

Adore acting and love doing it!

Enjoy reading and seeing all the amazing plots and stories other writers are able to conjure up! Some people are just so creative and good!

I love to wear a smile on my face and offer encouragement to others for their great work!

Again, I really love writing, but have to work on getting over my fear of others reading my work and not caring for it. I know a lot of us can feel that way and I guess the only way to cure it is to do it! So I'll probably have to twist my arm a little to make myself post a story... Ouch! Yup, that doesn't feel so good! I wonder if it'll work!

I love running and being with animals. I have the best pets ever (no argument there). My little dachshund also believes that he can write and tries to play with my laptop's keyboard when I'm hard at work. He's still trying to figure out how to express his creative side (then again it could be that he just gets mad that the laptops in my lap and so he can't get comfortable...hmm).

I love making new friends and having awesome moments with the many wonderful friends I do have that are there to always support me.

I love my family to pieces. Amazingly enough we all get along and you don't mess with my little brother without the wrath of the big sister!! Moo ha ha!

I will go bonkers to hear a scary story or try to solve an elusive mystery. Who doesn't like a little scare now and then. Boo! Ah, I think I just scared myself.

Yes, I'm a joker. I have a very well developed sense of humor. Get me to laugh (not very hard) and you have a friend for life! I'm like one of those dogs who you rub their bellies and they never stop loving you!

So most of all I'm just a happy, go lucky girl who loves this thing called life and I love to write and create. I just hope others can like my creations.

My important life lines:


BBQ sauce





My Dog

Yup, that's life!

My beliefs:

I don't have a religion. I do believe in a Creator. Most of all I just have a desire to be loving. I believe in the power of Love. Love everyone and everything. Unconditional love. Love your enemies, love your friends, and love those who you hardly know. Of course this is hard and I fail at is miserably, but I still strive to be a loving person.

Faith unites, Religions divide. We are not divided by race, religion, sin, color, understanding, war, peace, we are sincerely one and as one we must learn to love as one. One way or another we are all connected.

My hobbies:

I bet you didn't see this one coming, writing!

Theater acting

Art, I sketch, airbrush, and watercolor any piece of paper in front of me.

So any way, that's a little about me! Till later...

"You can't be a smart cookie if you have a crummy attitude," Maxwell.