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Um... hello

Lets see what are some vital things that everyone should know about me...

Okay well I am of decent age, short height, and I am somewhat unattractive.

Right now, if you could see what I am wearing, there is a good chance that you might burst out laughing. So I'll describe what I am wearing so you can laugh if its something you enjoy doing. (if you don't enjoy laughing. just skip this part.)

I have on grey leggings, yellow leg warmers, pink pajama shorts, a red t-shirt with a lion on it, and of course one blue sock and one green sock.

Don't worry I wouldn't actually go out in public in this... unless my house caught on fire (and if i couldn't grab a pair of pants while trying not to be set a flame) I would have to leave my house in this, but I'm hoping that my house won't catch on fire so I believe I am safe from public scrutiny. I don't think I would be thinking about what I'm wearing if my house did catch on fire... Anyway...

Um right now I am waiting for my nails to dry. I'm actually one of the best nail drying keyboard users in the world. Maybe.. not but I like to think that I am.

I think that settles all the important stuff about me.


No, nevermind thats all.

If I think of anything else (highly unlikely) I'll let you know.

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