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Hey, all. I'm a teenager with nothing better to do than to sit around and write. Besides, who wants to do homework when you've got the internet?

The writing: Most of what I end up posting is probably going to be fairly discombobulated scenes and excerpts and whatnot. Maybe, if we're lucky, I'll actually get a full story up here at some point. I'll dig up some of my older stuff.

The saying goes, "Write what you know." So I do. I write what I know, so there tend to be many parallels between my characters. Hey, I've lived in the same dumb small town my entire life. I don't know much. You can either grin and bear it or screw off. Thank you.

More about me: I read way too much. To the point where I can't even list my favorite books. But I can tell you that I'm currently obsessed with Fahrenheit 451. I'm, like, in love with that book. I also love those stupid, sappy, cliche books, especially when they've got the supernatural involved. I consider myself to be Buddhist, and one of my favorite bands is Anberlin. I knit like mad and I'm a little crazy. I'm also a little obsessed with foreign languages, so expect to see something in really bad German, or something. I don't actually expect anyone to read this, but it makes me feel a bit better to write this down. I used to be in marching band. I betcha didn't know that, did you? No. Stephen Colbert is kind of my hero. I currently am addicted to the song "1234" by Feist. And "Who Would Jestus Bomb?" by Ten Story Relapse. I love creepy sci-fi books, especially those among the 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 genre. I love languages and I want to study languages and writing later in life. The end. Hope you enjoyed it.


21 Apr 08--Yeah, hi guys. It's been quite a while since I've had the time/energy to work on anything here (school is eating my soul), but I'm hoping to post more on Dante's and Dreamt. (Heh heh heh...Dante's...Dreamt...Okay, I'll stop now.) I'm also available to beta, if someone's interested. I can only focus on content for Spanish, but I can do grammar and the works for English.

7 Jan 08--Get out and vote, if you can! Meanwhile, feel free to sit back, relax, and poke around my profile. Of course, I'm going to push you to read my stuff (why else would I be writing this?), but I also recommend checking out my 'favorites.'


We Dreamt in Heist
Being in love--unrequited love--is always a drag, but it's even more of a drag when it's your best friend. And, on top of it all, he's (a) taken and (b) straight. What's a poor boy to do?
(Title credits: "We Dreamt in Heist" by Anberlin)
(Author's note: Yes, this is a story about a guy in love with his male best friend. No, there is not going to be anything explicit, save for language. I don't write about sex; it's not something I'm comfortable writing about.)

What Happened to Dante's Big, Blue, Furry Guy?
or, Espera un momento¿quién eres tu??
When Liz wakes up dead in some sort of weird afterlife, the last thing she expects is for Satan, the King of Hell himself, to be a teenage guy...a hot teenage guy. Yowza.
Quando Liz se levanta muerte en un tipo de vida eterman, la última cosa que anticipa ella es que Satan, el Rey de Infierno, es un joven...un joven muy guapo. Ay, ay, ay.
(NOTE: Both are the same story, different language.)
(OJO: Los dos son la historia misma, pero idiomas diferentes. Y por favor, digame si hay errores. Quiero saberlo.)

Sunny was just your average sixteen-year-old...That is, until the day war breaks out while she's at summer camp, forcing her to run away with a guy she barely knows. This is her diary--the closest thing to her heart as she and her companion flee to Canada.

Trust Me
(The world's shortest fic.) Trust me, she said to him. Trust me.

More to come!

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We Dreamt in Heist reviews
It's a drag being in love with someone who doesn't love you back. Of course, it's even worse when it's your best friend. And he's straight.
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La última cosa que quería Liz cuando ella se levantaba muerte era que Satan es un adolescente. Un adolescente guapo. ¿Qué puede hacer ella? [Ojo: no es completa.]
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What Happened to Dante's Big, Blue, Furry Guy? reviews
The last thing that Liz expected upon waking up dead was that Satan happens to be a teenage boy. A hot teenage boy. [This is an excerpt. Like most of my stuff.]
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Excerpt: Day 15 Sunny, a teenage girl, is on the run with a guy she's barely met through the woods during one of the hottest summers on record. She's keeing track of their progress in her diary, which is the thing most dear to her as she flees war.
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Trust Me
She had one thing left to say to him. [Warning: this is the world's shortest fic.]
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