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Hmm... I have lots of crazy traits, habits, and obsessions. For starters, tea is my fuel. I couldn't live without a steaming cup of that aromatic substance. Really, the concept is much like people and coffee. But, I do love coffee. I have these crazy hiccups, that I affectionately named Humphrey. I usually look like a demented rainbow. But, well... Insanity runs in the family. I have a passion for cornfield squatting. And, socks are a girl's best friend. Who needs diamonds when you can have pretty socks? And, I might be in love with a continent (if that's possible). Asia would be the one. Yeah, yeah, some of you are like, but Europe or something? (Being American this is the common one.) Yes, I love Europe, but Asia draws me like a moth to a flame.

And of course, like many of you, I do share a passion for writing. I've written at a few other sites, under a different pen name, but I've decided to leave those and come here!

Some of that will be edited later. But since my page is currently empty, there's nothing particularly intriguing about me unless you read my ramblings.

So, new information as of February 16. I'm finally coming back from a several week hiatus, and I'm going full steam.

My first project for FP is entitled 'The Rules of Good Fiction'. Er, no, I'm not trying to be pretentious. The title just fits the story.

Summary: She's a critically acclaimed literary writer and has one novel under her belt. Until now, she always just been focused on writing. And yes, she's willing to admit that she spends a lot of time online. It might've even paid off because she might've found someone. But, her mother keeps interfering. Since Nolwenn's father died, her mother's had but one goal in life: This goal is to find her daughter a husband.

He's a popular fiction writer with many bestsellers to his name. All he's concerned about is giving his readership what they want--martial arts thrillers. However, as far as his mother is concerned, his bachelorhood is about to end.

I'm sure you can imagine what's about to pass. But, is it really all that you're expecting?