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:The Basics:

AGE: 24
HOBBIES: With school, don’t have time for hobbies… but I like to write on my free time… reading… drawing… sleeping… yeah sleeping is definitely my favorite hobby.
GOALS: Survive law school


HIGHEST LEVEL OF EDU: I have an AA is English and a BA in Poli Sci, and am currently working on my JD…
FAVORITE SUBJECT: obviously my creative writing courses, but I only got to take a few when I was an English major, as electives… wish I could have fit more in, but I also got to fit in some religious studies courses which I always found very interesting.

:As a Reader:

FAVORITE BOOK: The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
FAVORITE GENRE: fiction. No real preference I think.
BOOKS OWNED: lots and lots… lets just say I have 3 bookcases in my room (and I threw 2 others out over the summer)
BOOKS READ ON AVEAGE A YEAR: with school, I haven’t had the time… last year I think I read about 5 books the whole year (not including text books)… but back when I had the time, I could read about 300 to 900 pages a day, so I could read a book or two, depending on the length… in middle school I used to read about 3 (300 page) books a day…
PREFERENCE- Fiction or Non: fiction
LAST BOOK READ: I’m half way through Coehlo’s book… The Zahir. But sadly I’ve been half way through it since summer (I kind of got into fanfiction writing and put reading aside for a while)
RECOMMEND: The Alchemist… and Veronika Decides to Die… great books.

:As a Writer:

GREATEST STRENGTH: creativity I’d say… though sadly law is slowly sapping it out of me… you need creativity for law, it’s just different…
GREATEST WEAKNESS: description… I’m ok, but I know I could be a whole lot better.
FAVORITE GENRE: romance apparently….
LEAST FAVORITE GENRE: not sure I have one… or haven’t discovered one… but I’m trying to broaden my horizons so I might stumble upon it eventually
FAVORITE WORD: big words… XP…it’s true… I like using infrequently used words… my vocabulary lesson (to myself) of the day.
FAVORITE REASON TO WRITE: for the simple sake of writing?... and de-stressing of course…
TITLE OF LAST THING WRITTEN: Mysterious Valentine (from my NejiTen fanfic collection)
PREFERENCE- Fiction or Non: Fiction
PREFERENCE- Computer or Pen/Paper: umm… I bounce back and forth… obviously prefer having it typed up, but I like jotting down notes and outlines and ideas on pen and paper first.
BEST PLACE TO WRITE: usually in my room
BEST TIME TO WRITE: usually around midnight when I should be sleeping… XP… either that or when I’m the busiest and know I shouldn’t be.

:As A Poetry reader:

FAVORITE POET: not sure I have one…
FAVORITE POEM: “There Will Come Soft Rains” by Sara Teasdale… it’s been my favorite since 9th grade, and 10 years later, it’s still my favorite.
FAVORITE GENRE: umm… I’m not sure I have one… I like what I like I guess… I do tend to like lyrical poems though…
PREFERENCE- Rhyming or Non: um… I’m good with either. Rhyming poetry I find needs to be done by someone talented in that area because (at least I feel) not everyone can pull it off.

:As a Poet:

LAST POEM: an Untitled V-day Poem I write for my fanfic
FAVORITE POEM: The Doll… I love that poem… there’s a few others though…
FAVORITE GENRE: Anything with Angst I think XP
INSPIRATION: Randomness… not sure… extreme emotions seem to be the best inspiration
PREFERENCE- Rhyming or Non: I think I’m beginning to prefer rhyming, although I used to hate it because, like I said, I don’t feel it’s an easy thing to pull off… rhyming itself is a snap… no problem there… but actually writing a GOOD rhyming poem; that’s completely different… most rhyming stuff is corny and/or bad… but I’ve been getting more and more into it recently. Hopefully I might someday get to the point where I feel I can actually pull it off well.

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The Sinner and The Saint
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