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I am the legendary Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, Protector of the Woman and the Innocence of Life, Keeper of the Wild, Slayer of the darkness called Man. I am daughter to Zeus the Magnificent, Sister of Apollo the Radiant. I keep to myself and love no one but the innocent creatures of the woods. I walk the moonlit way, serving none but my own inner compass. Should you seek to wound me, my hounds will seek you out, and they do not show mercy. Once, the nefarious and vile trickster, whose name I refuse to mention, decided to avenge an imagined slight of my mother's doing by turning me into a man. Swift was my downfall at the teeth of my own beloved pack, thinking I was a foreign entity, and knowing my spite towards all men. Apollo, the only man who holds a place in my heart, loves and has always protected me, seeing it his honorable duty as the older brother. Enraged, his revenge was swift upon the traitorous fool, and now his head lays among the stars, floating in an endless void, as his body burns in eternal agony, locked inside the Sun Apollo carries across the sky each day. My ever-loyal brother did not rest then, and for centuries, has sought a way to bring about my return. Finally, and I do not know how he did it, my virgin body was restored to this lost and wandering spirit, and now, I have returned! I will not rest until I have found a way to repay my dear Apollo, nor until I make all those who do evil pay for the wrongs committed in this world.

I am the virtuous, the lovely, the only Artemis Reborn, and I will have my vengeance!

(And watch out for those mecha-ghost doggies, too! Their unwavering loyalty was rewarded with a strange form of life beyond the grave, and they will not soon lose me again.)

(Yes, I was having fun, and no, I'm not a lesbian. LOL)

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