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Hello! My name is Tsukimomo! Well not in real life but my friends call me it. I'm a fourteen year old highschool student, (with terrible speling :P). I am, at the moment, trying my best to come up with new ideas everyday for my stories. (I hate writers block!)

My hobbies are pretty simple. I love to read and draw manga, (as well as watching anime) I love comming up with OCs! My favorite ones at the moment are Roto and Takahiro from Broken! Whoooot!

Roto: Why did you drag me here with you?

Beacause...you're an adorable 12 year old boy with cat ears and cat tail. Who wouldn't want to drag you along with them.

Roto: Well at least your not a fangirl.

Of course not! That's Takahiro!

Takahiro: Who is it possible for an author to become a fangirl of her OC?

Roto: Just go with her. (whispers: at least it'll get you off my back)

Awww, you guys are so funny! No wonder I paired you up. NOW SCRAM!

Whew, went off corse alittle there hehehe. Anyway, here's a little more about me. Roll film.

Random man #1: Roll film!

Random man #2: Roll film.

Random man #3: Rolling film.

Random man #2: Rolling film!

Random man #1: Rolling film.






As a child, Tsukimomo had been very artistic. Her first piece of art was: 'What on earth am I doing here?' a beautiful work of many colores combined. But...no one seemed to like the result.

At the age of 9, a hard time in her life, Tsukimomo discovered the joy out of manga and soon afterwards began creating her own characters. But...no one liked the result. They said that her characters were a litlle...flat.

Despite the bad review, Tsukimomo never gave up on her quest to drawing perfect manga, and that quest is still continuing today


What the heck was that!!

Marie: Don't you like it big cousin?

No I do not like it! When did I ever create a piece of art called 'What on earth am i doin here?'

Marie: When you were in first grade.

. . . I hate my life.

Tskasa: Don't frett, Tsuki. Why don't I take you on a date?


Tskasa: Okay!

I live in the craziest world ever. But I'm happy.

Koneko: Let's sing the Monkey-Man song!

I'm a monkey man

at the bottom of the sea.

I've got two toes

And I really gotta pee

I'm a monkey man at the bottom of the sea

Yes a monkey man at the bottom of the sea.

Raion: shut it

I'm an octopus

at the bottom of the sea

I've got eight legs and

I like to hug a tree

I'm an octopus at the bottom of the sea

Yes an octopus at the bottom of the sea.

Raion: I said 'shut it'

I'm a seahorse

At the bottom of the sea

I've got no legs

and I'm married to a bee

I'm a seahorse at the bottom of the sea

Yes a seahorse at the bottom of the sea

Raion: BE QUIET!!

Oh that's ok.

Koneko: We finished the song.

Now let me sing you a poem

Raion: What will it take to shut her up!

Beans, bean, the musicle fruit,

the more you eat, the more you toot.

Beans, beans, they're good for your heart,

the more you eat, the more you fart.

The more you fart, the better you feel,

so let's eat beans for every meal!

Beans, beans, the give you gas,

go in your mouth and out your-


Wha! Godmama! Raion's being scary and nasty!

Koneko: RAION!!

Raion: I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Koneko: No, you didn't fart did you?

Nah, that's usually me.

Koneko: Oh yeah. (Rambles strange things)

Well everyone, that's a littlle about me, If you actually learnt anything. Ah well! I'm gonna eat junk food with Godmama-chan done beatin.

Raion: I'M SORRY!!


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