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Lately I have stopped using fictionpress and have joined as like_taking_diamonds.

So I'm Dreams of death by Chocolat.

I came up with it from my favorite dessert. It's called death by chocolate. I do Dream of death by Chocolat. Though I did almost use the name Adair Thornson, which is now my RP name. That one came from a middle name and a tweak of my last name.

I'm kid or at least not a leagal adult. I'm from the midwest and have a wild imagination, as in some times I see things that aren't there. Silly I know. I also happen to be a girl who's a hopeless romantic so most of my stories will have romance in them.

I am a huge anime and manga nut. I am currently learning conversational Japanese and I also take french and Spanish at my high school. I want to be a translator or a writer.

I spend a lot of time reading, writing, and/or watching anime.

I've recently realised that I also have a problem with sticking to one story which will suck for all the readers, since I tend to try to focus on the newest ones and all, but I will work on that so that all ongoing stories get updated in a timely fashion... At some point in the kind of near future.

Procrastination is a bad thing people... I know I suffer from it.

So this year I'm participating in NaNoWrMo. Here's the link, http:/// I'm like_taking_diamonds.

I appreciate all reviews because I realize that everyone has there own opinion and personally I'd like to know if my story sucks. So in advance thank you.

Just so everyone knows Hunter Birdell(the list by sunshinedoll) is the next Edward Cullen(Twilight by Stephenie Meyer)!!

Quotes: "You're the perfect devil, Lestat." Louis from the vampire Chronicles book three Queen of the Damned.
"Congradualations you just fucked up. Now can we move on." Abel Densen Hunters.

Songs of the moment:
Realize by Colbie Caillat

Starving Your Friends by Envy On the Coast.

Remembering Sunday by All Time Low.

Champagne by Sugarcult.

Moonlight by Long Since Forgotten.

The Curse of Curves by Cute Is What We Aim For.

Memories and Meltdowns by From A Whim.(who are no longer together:(, but they have another band The Hand Me Down Kids!)

ice cream- Chocolate, but let's face it most ice cream flavors are delicious.
Soda/pop- Mountain Dew or Pepsi.
Song- changes daily.
person- hmm... Probably my mom, 'cause she loves me unconditionally.
T.V. show- Leverage. Timothy Hutton is an awesome actor, and Artesen is kinda hot.

I don't really know half the things I claim to, but I do know that you have to live how you want and leave no regrets behind, you only get one life to live so you might as well live it to the fullest.

So yeah. Thats pretty much me. Though if you want to know more you can always ask. I'll probably just add it here.

My Stories:

A Night With A Necromancer
Carissa was pretty normal for a teenager, she had a best friend who was slightly crazy, her friends were a bit weird, and her mom was a workaholic. Then Mark showed up. Now her life is filled with crazy things and dangerous plans.
(this is my baby. It's the first story I put up on fictionpress and I'm kinda proud of how its turning out. I'm trying to finish it, but I never wrote down my plot line and unfortunately I don't remember how I was going to end it.)

Playing with vampires
Kira is a vampire hunter, her best friend is a vampire, and she just might be falling for one of the most dangerous vamps she's ever met. What the hell was she thinking. Then again she always says, "I worked too hard putting myself upon a pedestal to give up now." (This is one of my personal favs. I may not seem like it, but when it comes to violence and gory stuff, I love it.)

Moonlight Kisses
Being caught kissing in the moonlight can't be too bad... unless it's the nosy Bride that finds you. (I really like this story it has some of my more interesting characters, Kai and Seth are a few of my favorites in it. Though, Ari is fun to write, course she's kind of a witch.)

Abel is a foul mouthed hunter who has severe anger issues, and because of this she and her partner screw up an important hunt. Their boss decides to give them one last chance by sending them out on a hunt that will either leave them dead or leave them legends in the hunting world.

Vampires and Werewolves through out the known history have hated eachother with a passion, but what about the unknown history? That's the question Brinta and Lumia dared to ask, it was also the one never meant to be answered.

Drop Point Blade
Devia is a demon hunter along with the identical twins Cain and Colt, not to mention the super hot Dean. They decide to take on the fallen angel Arakiel after having to kill off one of the demons he controls. Too bad they have no idea what their getting into.

On A Dare
Aria joins a band on a dare, and is chosen as the new lead singer. Now she sings for three super hot guys and has a rival band. Worst part of it all is she's falling for both Vincent, the lead guitarist of her band, and Ian, the rival bands lead vocalist and lyricist.(put on monday june 22 12am)

Lillian and Zianna have a game of sorts that they like to play, but when the task takes a turn at the school dance, what will Zianna do?

Coming Soon... (hopefully)

Breaking Derek Masters' Heart
He was the asshole that tormented me all the way to high school until I moved away. I thought I would never have to see him again, and after all he had put me through I never wanted to. So what if I had been a little different and so what if my family didn’t have money, I was still a nice person. Of course, when I went to college I happened to run into the jackass and the worst part was that he didn’t even recognize me. Sure, I used to be a blond, wore baggy clothes, and had glasses, but my face was still the same. That’s when I came up with my plan… I was going to break Derek Masters' heart.(this won't be put up until the entire thing is finished so don't hold your breath. Though I think it will turn out well.)

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