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Twenty-One. Hard cider addict. Vinyl collector. Coldplay lover. Patriot, c/o 2014. Reader. Writer. Friend. Daughter.

That about sums me up in a few choice words. This is Beautiful Bluebird (yes, after the Neil Young song) and I am a fledgling writer, who is only trying to practice what I love in order to channel it into a possible career. Ha. Not going to happen.

You can also call me Polly Weller (my non de plume).

Read and review. Constructive criticism. No flames, no horrible messages. If you simply don't like it, please, don't tell me in such a mean way. NO SPAM.

Acceptable: "I don't like it because of..." or "This story is just not my style, etc." or "You need to do this, this and this to improve..."

Unacceptable: THIS STORY SUCKS.

That hurts. We come here to write and be critiqued, not ridiculed.

I didn't come to to talk. I came to write. Don't bother reading my profile. Read my work. That's how you can get to relate and know the author. You can figure out what kind of a person an author is by the way the author writes.

I guess I'd be...?

Hopeless romantic?

Peace & Crackers ;)

Immerse your soul in love.

-Thom Yorke

Character Profiles & Pictures for 'Half the World Away' are being created on Polyvore! I've got Lyla's all ready to go. If you decide to check it out, zoom in with your Internet to see the set in better detail! Hope you like them!

Lyla Summers:

Sara Gregory:

Rachel Harrison:

Cecilia Collins:

Liam Richardson:

My Characters:

Lyla, from Half the World Away: Known to me as "the optimist." Always has a positive outlook on life, and hopes the best for her family. Sixteen when our story starts, she's already gone through so much that if anything, she acts beyond her years. Sweet as southern pralines, but when provoked, can be as bitter as the salt from the ocean at the Isle of Palms, SC. Brown hair, brown eyes, the frame of a thirteen year old, but to her true love Liam, the most beautiful girl he's ever seen because of good nature and ability to see the best in everyone.

Phoebe, from This is the Past That's Mine: Known to me as "the fighter." Snarky and cynical on her good days, crude and sarcastic on her bad ones, Phoebe is ready to start college life away, far away, from her problems she left behind in Maywood, NJ. She's eighteen and ready to start anew with her amazing best friend, Jane, her mom, surrogate dad and brother, Michael, at her matter what. Black hair, blue eyes, and a body that made one Robbie Hadyock go "wow," Phoebe knows that the men she dates want her for that body and not for herself. Robbie Hadyock, player extraordinaire, falls for Phoebe in the way she wants a man to fall for her, and he wants to stick around...that is, unless his mother gets involved.

Stella, from Nothing Better: Known to me as "the dreamer." Stella's been craving a family ever since she was born. She loves her mother to death, but jumps at the chance to meet her long-lost father. She's now in England, an ocean away from home, with her dad and a certain boy named Steven Davidson ready to help her deal with her homesickness...ready to start school at Cambridge, where her parents' love story began eighteen years ago. As her parents work out their differences, brown haired, gray-eyed Stella will create her own English love story as she and Steven get closer to one another.

Dani, from And You Sir, Are an Idiot: Known to me as "the soulmate." Dani's your average, high school girl, hopelessly infatuated with Luke Taylor, a boy she's been in love with since they became friends freshman year. Luke, however, is utterly clueless that Dani likes him...and he gets the message senior year, thanks to the meddling antics of Dani's best friend, Kelly. They finally get together and seem to be, as Luke terms it, "Andromeda and Perseus." However, Dani's arch-nemesis, Megan, and her least favorite boy in the school, the ever popular Anthony (who's got a bit of a crush...) are standing by, ready to put the "soulmates" to a test.

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