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I love to write. I listen to just about every genre of music there is, will read just about anything, and will watch some of everything, so I am always writing about something. I am not picky and my interests in writing topics run far and wide. Unfortunately, I have a very busy life outside of this hobby, so I tend to write at my own pace. As a result, story updates are done whenever I get around to it. Sometimes they’re quick. Sometimes they’re slow. You just never know.

Thank You for taking the time out to read and whether my stories were good or bad, I hope that you were at least partially entertained. And if you should choose to leave a comment of constructive criticism, do know that it is greatly appreciated.

* Status Update: June 2022 *

I am currently in the process of restoring my website: The Chronicles Inc Productions. Once my stories have been restored to my website, they will be posted again here.