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Let’s see here, a little about me. Well, I love to write. That about sums it up, don’t you think. LOL! I listen to a wide range of music, will read just about anything, and will watch some of everything, regardless of the genre. My native language is English, but I study several foreign languages, from both the western and eastern parts of the world. So, there’s no limit to the types of movies, dramas, music, anime/manga, books, etc. that I’m exposed to. This is most likely the reason why some of my stories take on a tad bit of weirdness every now and then. However, I seem to have a fair leaning towards writing stories that involve doing the most physical, mental, or emotional damage to a character and then, patching them back up. If only so I can rip them apart again. *smiles innocently* Anyway, I hope you were at least somewhat entertained with my stories, whether they were good or bad. I thank you for taking the time out to read (and possibly comment on) them. Do know that it is greatly appreciated.