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Name: Valence Deatrick (I finally decided on my OFFICIAL pen name XD)

Age: 20

I will probably write mostly just Yaoi (M/M, Slash, Homosexual, etc), but I also do some Yuri (F/F, Lesbian, etc) and F/M stuff.

Every one of my stories I pour my heart and soul into so if you are just gonna flame me, GO AWAY. Flaming and Constructive Criticism are different. The biggest difference being I like the latter and will hate people who post the former. Anyways, so all of these are Copyrights of mine. They belong to no one but me, and I would greatly appreciate it if no one stole them, because I love them.

Alright, well, I (seriously) doubt if anyone even reads this profile, but on the off chance that someone does, I'll say this: I'm still rewriting and reorganizing everything... But I want to know if the things I write are even liked. And fictionpress is the best place for original stories.

Small Talk is still being rewritten, BUT I'll go ahead and post the rewrite. The rewrite is a thousand times better I think. :3 (I'd post the original, but it says you're not supposed to post the same thing multiple times, and while they are VERY different in a lot of ways, they are still the same story... So if you're interested in the COMPLETED, slightly crappy version of Small Talk, feel free to PM me.)

Please enjoy.

(8/12/15) I'm just gonna apologize about the Alpha King because I'm a failure as a human being sometimes and I'm trying NOT to re-write it before it's finished. lol. I figured out a lot about the universe and such it's set in... so a lot has changed... but I want to finish this version first. I'll be trying to finish it soon... Sorry and thanks for the patience! As for Small Talk, I forgot I had that laying around, I'll definitely get to work on that too (I think I already have some of the next chapter finished, or at least started). Um... I wrote some porn (Scent of Coconut, this is also posted on tumblr) to let off steam and to get used to my new tablet's keyboard (obviously, I still need to get used to it, because I made so many mistakes.) Also, I plan to maybe try and doodle some of the characters at some point (I'm an awful artist though, so meh) and post them on my tumblr. When I get around to that, I'll make a note on here... I MAY or may not post the finished 'Prelude' for my story 'Journey through Darkness' (originally this was supposed to be the 'Prologue' for the book and just one chapter but by the time it was hitting about 80 pages written excluding some scenes and cutting others short, I figured making it into it's own little short story might be better.) Anyway, I'll figure it out after it's been typed up and cleaned so it's not a silly mess.

Thanks for everything! Sorry I can't seem to focus on anything.

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