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UPDATE (12/30/2017 @0602EST)

Happy holidays! Happy New Year! Happy scribblebits to all!

Anyway, an update for those who assume that I've died:

Avenari - Guess what? I want to publish this bad boy and it's 300,000 words long. That means cutting, splitting, and all kinds of surgery. As such, the one book is as we speak becoming two (probably three) books. And I'm on the second rewrite of the first of those three. Hence, my long, deathlike absence.

Ambri-Qis - This one is also gonna get overhauled, possibly split in two and definitely replotted in various ways. (Thanks to Avenari's changes, of course.)

Noctis - It hasn't changed. I'm just too busy with Avenari to work on it right now. Also, I've begun another semi-prequel for Andris that took over my life for a solid year.

Untitled* - The aforementioned prequel. Andris' POV, takes place in ~3500BC. Required so much research, my eyes melted out of my head. Loving every moment of it.

Now for the important bit: Noctis may continue on FP, but I'm not sure if I want to post the new versions of the other stories online. Reason being, publishers seem to cringe at the thought that a writer's work has touched filthy public eyes (elitists...). Anyway, assuming the worst, I offer here my thanks to all the readers who left kind words over the years (and even those who felt compelled to throw shade - I like the dark, so it's fine). Without a reader, a book is just lifeless text, so thank you for giving my children a little bit of meaning.

Much love,

Cyh Scaevola

UPDATE (08/02/2013 @0208 EST)

So I've put a poll up here for those who care. Vote if you're interested, or PM me with an answer that isn't available. Other possible choices could pertain to characters that aren't thoroughly explored in Avenari, as well as general things like a pronunciation guide or something of that nature...

Huh. Actually, I should do a pronunciation guide, shouldn't I? All that Shimari stuff is probably hard to deal with. My bad...


About Me:

"Words are all we have." - Samuel Beckett.

Born: July 1988

Pen Name: Cyh Scaevola = SIGH sky-VOLE-uh

(Yeah, I'm a Latin nerd, hence the complicated last name. It means left-handed. I wonder if the phonetic alphabet even shows up here...)

I was once an avid writer over on FFNet, but my own stories took over and now I'm finally uploading here. Hopefully, all the experimentation pays off. I can be found on *deviantART under the username "cyh-anide" as well as on YouTube under "CyhAnide." The former is far more active than the latter. The latter is sometimes filled with angry people who just make me want to spend more time writing. I like to post writings on dA, but after thinking long and hard, I decided that I needed a writers-only format for my original fiction.

I retain all copyrights for my stories. In the event of plagiarism, I will remove my work. These are my children, so please respect them.

(*)As a side note, if/when I need to post something explicit that goes beyond the FictionPress M-rating, I will direct you to my deviantART page and the corresponding chapter. They are much less fussy over there. =_=; If I can get away with it, I'll put a warning over the chapters that are especially explicit and try to post them here.

Stuff I Read/Write:

I have a very strong preference for supernatural themes. I like writing romance, but really it just sort of sneaks in on its own, and reading it is always a treat. Vampires are my favorite, regardless of how they're portrayed. I like seeing multiple takes on the same subject, and my writing reflects that. I also like weird supernatural stuff. I have a story in the works that I might post here eventually, and it's not quite like anything I've ever read before. I'm not a beta, but after about a decade of writing and editing practice with Avenari, which I started when I was 14, I don't mind giving pointers to writers who need a fresh eye. (Sometimes that's all a writer really needs.)

Avenari: Complete. My first book. It's been going for a long time, and it's pretty close to where I want it to be. It's about 325,000 words and 50 chapters long. Synopsis? *laugh* Man, that would be like reading A Game of Thrones as a Wikipedia article. Just think awesome trio, vampires, and a massively character-driven winding story. First person POV, past tense. (Because that's the only tense that doesn't hurt my brain.) It's rated mature for very good reasons, though that doesn't really come into play until chapter 26.

- Communites: "I Like my Tea Dark and With a Twist"

- A silly drawing I did of Andris

Ambri-Qis: Ongoing. Second book in the series and told from Andris' POV. Please read the first book before starting this one. It's for your own understanding. It's essentially a continuation of an overarching storyline that was begun in the first book, but you probably haven't figured it all out yet, which is a good thing. This one is also rated mature, because I'm cautious like that and I have a dirty mind. I don't have a synopsis because I'm still writing it, but it probably wouldn't help, regardless. If you like supernatural stuff and vampires, then this series is for you. It's essentially a vampire epic.

NOCTIS: Ongoing. A supernatural horror/romance that follows Hydra, a college student who became the target of everyone's hate and suspicion after her best friend, Dinah, committed suicide. Hydra had never known about the secret that Dinah carried...until she ended up inheriting it herself. Now, with her unpredictable and inhuman fiancee, Tabidius, she searches for answers and tries to sort out her bizarre life. The story plays with various supernatural and psychological themes, as well as a handful of slice-of-life drama. Rated mature because of lemonade, violence, and disturbing events.

Other Stuff:

I like to draw, paint, craft, knit etc... I work at a craft store and live in Maine. (Dead-end, right? XD) I'm not a Mainer, though. I'm an Air Force brat. Every location described in Avenari is a place that I've either lived in or visited. Misawa was my favorite. Also, I just found out that Stephen King has a house literally two streets over from where I live.

He has a very cool fence.

I do all the "cover art" for my stories, as well as my avatar. They usually start as pencil drawings before I scan and Photoshop color into them. I have a tablet now, though, so I should probably start using that...

Thanks to the Anime Club, I taught myself passable Japanese while in college, and though I can't read it worth a damn, I can understand about 75-80% of most normal spoken speech. (Speaking is slower, because four years of Spanish and two years of Latin always manage to get in my way.) For an average episode of Bleach, I don't need subs. I tried my best for the book. *smirk* However, if any Japanese-savvy readers spot an error, please let me know.

My favorite TV show is currently Game of Thrones.

My favorite movie is probably always going to be Session 9.

My favorite anime is Gintama. Forever.

My favorite author is David Wong, and my favorite book is John Dies at the End.

My favorite playwright is Tom Stoppard, and my favorite play is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.

(I'm seeing a pattern here...)

I have seen far too many Asian Dramas. You're Beautiful is my favorite, despite the fact that it's in Korean. (I'll learn it eventually...) Hana Yori Dango is second on that list...oh and that's tied with Gokusen. A small handful of you know what the heck I'm talking about...maybe.

I would give my right hand to see Avenari on a bookstore shelf one day. My right kidney, too. (I hear those are worth about $30,000 on the black market.)

I have a Bachelor's in Pre-Professional (Pre-Med) Biology, which at this point means nothing, I guess. *laugh*

I'm good-natured but can't stand people who can't merge properly onto the freeway. I drive like a Floridian, which means I like the Massachusetts drivers, thankyouverymuch.

I guess I'm a happy person. Writing is my passion, and I will never give it up. It keeps me sane in a wacky, stressful world.

Avenari gave me the love of my life. (Thank you for all your support, Ian. *huggles*)

Philosophy from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

  • “Guil: A man talking sense to himself is no madder than a man talking nonsense not to himself. […] Ros: Stark raving sane.”—Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
  • “Half of what he said meant something else, and the other half didn’t mean anything at all.”—Rosencrantz
  • “We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke and a presumption that our eyes once watered.”—Guildenstern
  • “The plot was two corpses gone before we caught sight of ourselves, stripped naked in the middle of nowhere and pouring ourselves down a bottomless well.”—Player
  • “Don’t you see?! We’re actors—we’re the opposite of people!”—Player
  • “Uncertainty is the normal state. You’re nobody special.”—Player
  • “We are tied down to a language that makes up in obscurity what it lacks in style.”—Player
  • “Between ‘just desserts’ and ‘tragic irony’ we are given quite a lot of scope for our particular talent.”—Player
  • “Ros: ‘Well, really—I mean, people want to be entertained—they don’t come expecting sordid and gratuitous filth.’
    Player: ‘You’re wrong—they do! Murder, seduction, and incest—what do you want—jokes?’
    Ros: I want a good story, with a beginning, a middle and end.’
    Player (to Guil): And you?
    Guil: I’d prefer art to mirror life, if it’s all the same to you.’”

  • “Audiences know what to expect, and that is all they are prepared to believe in.”—Player
  • “I’ve lost all capacity for disbelief. I’m not sure I could even rise to a little gentle skepticism.”—Guildenstern
  • “We drift down time, clutching at straws. But what good’s a brick to a drowning man?”—Rosencrantz
  • “We might as well be dead. Do you think death could possibly be a boat?”—Guildenstern
  • “Death is not anything…death is not…It’s the absence of presence, nothing more…the endless time of never coming back…a gap you can’t see, and when the wind blows through it, it makes no sound…”—Guildenstern
  • “We must have been born with an intuition of mortality. Before we know the words for it, before we know that there are words, out we come, bloodied and squalling with the knowledge that for all compasses in the world, there is only one direction, and time is its only measure.”—Rosencrantz
  • “Pirates could happen to anyone.”—Player

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