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Well hello, wandering fiction reader! Come to check me out from Deviant Art or Fanfiction, or perhaps genuinely curious about my works and goings on? Feel free to browse. There's no funny poem on this site, so if you want to read one of those, head over to fanfiction (fanfiction?) yes, fanfiction.

It's okay though. I only write fanfics for tough things, like Kill Bill and V for Vendetta.

(What about Edward Scissorhands?)


Hey Slave2Karma, what's this Night Child stuff and why should we care?

Why I'm glad you asked that, wandering fiction reader. Night Child is a sexy and exciting supernatural drama set in the not so distant future, following the adventures of a pair of paranormal bounty hunters. Originally a project I did to parody the archetypes you see in supernatural stories: The Slayer, The One Survivor from the Massacre, ect. Recently, the joke has evolved into my Writers Training: with it's familiar storyline and unlimited possibilities, I am using it to practice plotting, character development, and other writerly things. I will be exploring and experimenting with the world of Night Child, going backward and forward in the timeline and adding/developing characters. This is a good way to keep track of progress and get feedback.

Slave2Karma, that was WAY too long to read, But Okay. Just what's going to make NC so sexy and exciting?

Unique portrayals of both well known and obscure monsters, new innovative original monsters, an exploration of the preexisting concept of evil and how closed minded indifference cements progress of moral evolution, a dare I say rare separation of convetional religion and the supernatural, flawed and relatable characters trying to form relationships and live their lives while face to face with their insignificance, Mind blowing action, gore, a song reccomendation in every chapter, and poetic narration from three different personalities.

And also, the sex and excitement.

Wow Slave2Karma, that's a lot of big words. So is this a comedy or what?

Due to its origins as a parody, Night Child will involve a lot of dark humor, but at heart, it's a drama. A musical, scifi, supernatural, bloody, sexy, swearing, boozing, poetic and emotional drama.


Alliance: A moderately government sponsored program set up to control the worst of Earths demonic buildup. Often outsources to bounty hunters.

: The current leading website in unearthly creature/ supernatural phenomenon theories. Night Child takes place ten years in the future, and people are already beginning to speculate the existence of the paranormal. Alliance was just starting to take a few leads off their pages when the creators were kidnapped--a result of posting too accurate profiles of certain powerful demons. Alliance investigated the matter themselves and sent their best bounty-hunters in for help: Out of the eleven on staff, only three survived.

Hybrid Vampire: Vampires are created in two stages: the first involves the vampire taking blood and depositing a toxin into the humans blood stream through it's fangs. this creates a Hybrid Vampire: the human will have increased strength, agility, and a blood lust. However, they cannot live forever, they cannot be killed with sunlight, and they cannot sire other vampires. They can also be easily controlled by their Sire.

Dormant Vampire: a human who's received the vampire toxin but has not been affected by it yet. Outside controlling factors or emotional ones can play a part in the transformation, yet there is no sure way of telling what will trigger the full awakening of a Dormant Vampire.


(The accumulated characters from the Night Child Universe. Featured in the now complete Ace’s High story and the upcoming NC project Blood Machine).

Heidi Black- Heidi does not like talking about her past. Her parents split up when she was very young, and for as long as she can remember she’s been juggled between them. Neither of them stayed in one place very long, and Heidi grew up with very little stability—until she began taking martial arts. After earning her black-belt in Goju-Ryu and realizing how much clarity she gained after such strong discipline, Heidi began attending boot camp between her summers instead of being bounced back and forth between her parents. She joined the Military shortly after she graduated high school in 2010. While stationed in Egypt, Heidi and her division got in the middle of some very abnormal conflicts—and while Heidi refuses to say exactly what happened, it’s clear that she was the only one to survive the supernatural calamity. Upon returning to the USA in 2015 on her own, she discovered she had been written off as a fatality of foreign combat—and she didn’t bother to correct anyone. She began hunting demons and monsters on her own right away, and after catching the eye of some Alliance contracted bounty hunters and working with them a few times, she was offered an Alliance contract herself.

Heidi Comic: http:///gallery/#/d2s0vun

Owen Maxwell- The only known survivor of the Raven Lake Massacre in northern Maine. During a camping trip with his graduating class of 2014, a group of mass murderers were reanimated and wreaked havoc on the Lake. While Maxwell was able to fend them off, he was unable to stop them from slaughtering his friends, classmates, and girlfriend. When Maxwell finally told his family and police what he had witnessed, he was placed in a psychiatric hospital. After numerous attempts of escape, he was freed by aid of Heidi in mid 2016. After some negotiation, Heidi agreed to let him travel with her, and the two have been doing freelance bounty hunting for Alliance since. Maxwell is my Avatar at the moment. Ain't he a doll?

Maxwell Doodle Comic: http:///gallery/#/d2720ps

Ace Jayson- a nineteen year old independent musician who's developed a very large cult fanbase. Ace suffered an abusive childhood at the hand of his family, and has had no contact with them since they abandoned him in his early teens. Despite his troubled past, Ace is very well adjusted and a soft spoken gentlemen, although at times he feels a little too passive and helpless for his own good. Moments after signing a contract with BloodWork Records, he was attacked and kidnapped by a pair of bounty hunters, who suspect he's been living at least the past five years as a Dormant Vampire.

Ace Concept: http:///gallery/#/d2f1nes

Mandalay- Maxwell and Heidi's representative from Alliance. Mandalay was adopted at a young age from her Romanian birth parents, and ever since she can remember she's had a knack for sixth senses and detecting the supernatural. Was able to get into Alliance through speculation that she may be a direct descendant of one of the Hellsings. It's her job to arrange pay, compensation, and monitor Maxwell and Heidi.

Mandalay Profile: http:///#/d2t02o7

Ashes- a full time consultant for Alliance. Ashes, a spirit in possession of an unidentified dead body, is able to communicate with the dead in what he refers to as the Spirit Pool. Despite his unworldly skills, his constant state of rotting worn with his superior attitude make him an endearing part of Heidi and Maxwell's line of work. In addition, while Ashes shares most of his information with Alliance, he refuses to let out certain secrets of the afterlife, but still claims there is no Heaven or Hell.

Ashes Concept: http:///gallery/#/d2cr6u5

Hector Cortez- Another one of Alliance’s top bounty hunters, Cortez got into the game of hunting when he was barely a teenager. His fellow hunters and he misjudged a particularly demented Murder of Vampires, a mistake that cost him his right leg (and a few other things he keeps to himself). He was eventually rescued by a second group of hunters, forming a bond with a particular member, Gypsy. Fifteen years later the two of them are still together: working an Alliance contract, dealing with demons, and fixing up new replacement limbs to graph onto Cortez’s body.

Gypsy Zora - Gypsy was born in the Caribbean in 1984—she never knew her father and her mother died shortly after she was born. She bounced back and fourth between her grandmother in the islands and her great aunt and uncle in New Orleans. All her family were open practitioners of hoodoo, and although she was quite skeptical for a while, she paid close attention. When she turned sixteen, she was told how her mother and father perished: they were both actively involved in demon hunting. Her skepticism blown, she began studying hoodoo extensively, and when she turned eighteen, she was contacted by a colleague of her parents and was invited to join his group of bounty hunters.

Patrick Webber- the founder of , Patrick has been nursing an obsession with the paranormal from a very young age. As a teenager, his second obsession became computers by default: he spent hours online researching the unworldy and reaching out to people who had encounters of their own. He started Rosewood during his senior year of high school, and by the time he went to college to study computer science, the site had taken off. He had been running it successfully for several years before it got him into trouble with some of the demons he had been profiling—his first personal experience with the unworldly involved being kidnapped and brutally tortured. He was rescued by Gypsy and Cortez, but not without losing an eye.

Cecilia Takahata- Being a first generation Canadian, Cecilia had always had interest in her parent’s culture: from the martial arts at her parent’s dojo to Asian mythology. She had known Patrick as a casual acquaintance for a few years, and during her first year at University he asked her to join the Rosewood team and do detailed profiles on some eastern demons. Unfortunately, her profiled demons were quite accurate, quite real, and happened to have ties within the Yakuza. The entire staff of Rosewood were kidnapped, interrogated and tortured: Cecilia was one of the only three who survived long enough to be saved.

Frightful- A young and domesticated peregrine falcon Gypsy’s been keeping for the past seven months. A gift from Mandalay, who had rescued the demon raised bird of prey after a raid, but due to constant travel and a full work load, she couldn’t care for him herself. Named by Mandalay after the falcon from My Side of the Mountain.

Sang- An ancient Egyptian Vampire and good friend of Heidi. Sang could arguably be the oldest Vampire left alive, and although he had been in hibernation since the 1940's, His age, powers, and charm have given him a lot of clout in the vampire community.

Sang & Heidi doodle comic: http:///gallery/#/d2cr6x8

Samuel- Sang's borderline insane boyfriend. The two had met and fallen in love during the Great Plague of London in the 16 hundreds, when Samuel was human. Sang left to spare Samuel the persecution that came with being in a gay relationship. Shortly afterward, Samuel turned himself into a vampire so he could find Sang again. Over time Samuel became quite sadistic, abandoning and forgetting most of his human ideals. Since being accidentally reunited with Sang via Heidi in 2016, he has been making a moderate effort not to murder for fun.

Incarnate- Originally a Reaper or Death that absorbs spirits and takes them to their final destination, Incarnate once collected a soul that was more than human and in doing so, absorbed its ideals, its judgment, and its powers. While very little is known about Incarnate or his quest to purify the world, he is feared by Humans, Vampires, and demons alike. Ashes claims he has the power to bring the dead back to life.

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