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Hello I'm Clint C. A little about myself I like clowns(icp including) and I am a bit of a dark person thus my pen name. I'm an avid reader and i am aware that doesn't make me a good writer but I am trying because i do love reading so the thought of creating something that people like myself might love appeals to me. I am not be great at prose but I'm somewhere between okay and talented at poetry. I'm might post some if anyone is interested but it can also be found on my deviant art site My interests in writing are mostly suspense or horror but i also enjoy science fiction and fantasy. I'm looking for a great post-apocalyptic story if you have one or know of one please let me know but only if it is lengthy and is completed or is regularly updated. I would put my music intrest and etc but this is a site for writing so I'm not sure that maters plus I am slightly lazy. If you are reading my story(ies) i know i have problems with grammar. run-ons and comma usage are my weakness. At least i do not talk like an illiterate red-neck.(Being from the south i believe i have as much right to say this as some African Americans believe they have the right to use the "N" word, however i don't have a problem if anyone else uses the term.) If you are reading thank you please review and if you have posted reviews I love you for it and will try to respond to any. DeviantArt: Enjoy! Also i have another story I am co writing on here with a friend of mine call Elements of Prophecy. I think it's pretty good so if you like my stuff on here check it out or check out my friends page her work is alot of what inspires me so you'd probably like her stuff as well Elements of Prophecy: EbonyClokk:
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