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I'm not sure why my profile looks so weird, but it does, eventually I'll fix it. I'm still aliveeee. 03/15/2014 I shall update eventuallyyy. Hi :) I'm Emma, but you can call me whatever you want. Cemetery's a much cooler name XD.

I probably won't end up ever completing a story on here, because I'll probably want to try and get them published (and they can't be on here completely and published) but if I ever by some miracle complete one and publish it, I'll probably say what magazine it's in so you can read it. (Again, will probably never happen XD.)

I WILL finish "A Prince, a Traveling Musician, & a Cross-Dresser" and probably "Cirque du Somnium" too. And "Hallow's Valentine" which at the moment is my baby. And probably "Stolen Moonlight"...idk what else...weeee...

...I guess I'll write more on this later...eventually...

What will probably happen is I'll get an idea, write it down, then not edit it. So my best work is probably not gonna be on here, unless I go back and edit stuff... then you'll discover I'm just a crappy writer XD.

Umm... I love anything about the ocean (mermaids, I looove mermaids/mermen o.O), anime, manga (Hana to Akuma, Kuroshitsuji, um... oh, Dazzle, Ouran High School Host Club, and much more XD.), I basically read constantly (Harry Potter!!, The Graveyard Book, Of Mice and Men, etc.) and I read Twilight in...sixth grade, perhaps? Basically just cuz I needed some form of entertainment, lol. Then it was everywhere and I got sick of heavy duty romance and the book in general, so... I'm basically indifferent to it, because in general they're not fantastically written, but i'm not into obsessively bashing it every two seconds. (Everyone seems to have some comment about Twilight...and I'm writing about vampires, so I feel like I need to talk about it, but it's not really necessary XD. Ooo...and typing's funnnn...)

...I really like ice cream. A lot. A lot a lot. ...I highly doubt anyone's interested in this info, but...yeah, typing's fun. Errrr... I really love video games...especially Devil May Cry XD. I live with my parents, who I love lots, and my doggy XDDDD!! (I LOVE my doggy XD.)

Err... I'm also a yaoi fangirl/boy love fangirl in general, so... sorry to those of you who don't like yaoi XXD...not that I'll be writing yaoi, only shounen-ai :D

If you wanna check out my cheesy fanfic stories, here ya go: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2014792/

And this XD http://figment.com/users/69116-Emma

I'm also on mibba, storywrite and quizilla, so if you see any of my stories on those sites, it's most likely me! (Unless someone is actually stealing my work, but that's not likely.)

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