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Ooohh- my life story time! Well, I was born in a truck full of green jello, and as I grew older, my ancestors taught me how to fight the evil egg demons and... :pauses:

Er. Nevermind.

Okay- I'm a high school student, and I love to write! And read fanfiction- my biggest hobby, o' course. I've got the talent to keep track of my huge number of obsessions- which empty my wallet, but hey, small price to pay for happiness. ^^

I'm a shounen ai/slash supporter, and tend to write ONLY that now. ^^;; Ayiiii... I figure I'll leave a list of SOME of the fandoms I enjoy?

Digimon, Pokemon Special, Angel Sanctuary, Rayearth, Jonny Quest, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Haunted Junction, Gravitation, X/1999, Tokyo Babylon, Ranma 1/2, Everworld, Animorphs, X-Files, Shinesmen, Orphen, Tenshi Muyo, Houshin Engi, Here Is Greenwood, Magic Users Club, FAKE, Earthian, Samurai X, Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam Wing, Gundam X, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Boy Meets Boy (a wonderful on line comic!), Clover, Toushinden, F. Yuugi, Banana Fish (OOOHH, EIJI!), El Hazard, Weiss Kreuz, and weelll... lots more? Ayiiii... ^^;; I have a large love of anime, I'll leave it at that.

Ayi- drink a lot of orange juice! Good advice!

Also-- important note. My Yahoo email accounts have been cancelled. Anyone who once sent me email through Yahoo isn't going to get a reply, as I don't use them anymore. *grins* Try my AOL ones, they're up here somewhere...

Now, I leave you with an inspiring thought...

Banana Fish!