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"It is always the minorities that hold the key of progess; it is always through those who are unafraid to be different that advance comes to human society."

I read mostly MxM or FxF and love it all the same; therefore most of my stories will most likely be a mix off the two. I also like horror, but not vampires, they're boring and overused. Although I love Zombies, serial killer and creepy alternate dimensions with morbid passion. I'll admit I'm a horror movie buff. If you can mix romance and horror effectively I'll most likely worship you.

I do not like anime and hate that people assume I do. However, I do like coffee, riding on the bus and laughing. And the colours black and green, but not together.

This profile will grow in time so bare with me.

(11/03/08) So I was going through my email ten minutes ago and realised I had several review replies that I didn't know about. So I'm sorry to those who sent me them (I won't embarrass you by naming you but you know who you are) I'm not just being bitchy and ignoring you I didn't realise. As an official I'm sorry I promise to review the upcoming chapters of your stories.

(01/06/08) Thought I'd put up some shallow profile info about me, just on the off chance anyone’s interested.

Name: Luke Riley (surname not real, like I'm going to tell you that)

Gender: male

Age: 19

Nationality: English

Sexuality: Gay

Style: Quasi Goth but with hints of punk. I bleach my hair religiously, it's a wonder I'm not bald. Jeans and T-shirt is more like it for me, I don't make much of an effort to stand out.

Education: Still in high school :(

Job: Quit the book shop. Now it's a convenience store

Music: Mostly Goth, darkwave/deathrock, post punk, some rock and a few exceptions. The Cure is my favourite band on the planet. But I also like Bloody, Dead and Sexy, Cinema Strange, Swithcblade Symphony, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Rosetta Stone, Corpus Delecti, Big Electric Cat, The Cruxshadows, Antiworld, Christian Death (with Rozz,) Alien Sex Fiend, Blitzkid, Scarlet's Remains, Oingo Boingo, 45 Grave, Joy Division, Rasputina, Emilie Autumn, Collide, Lady Gaga and other similar bands.

Likes: Jack Daniels, psychological horror, PVC, drinking more then you can handle, gore, Dr Pepper, lemon wedges, making out with someone you hardly know, fire, winding up my dad, autumn, black, being heckled in the street, good books, coffee, Japanese movies, handcuffs, biting people/being bitten, being right and people who'll stand up for what they believe in even if its unpopular.

Dislikes: Drunk people thinking they're hard, overly conservative people, religion in general, back-stabbers, pool water, sugar in tea, golf, mayonnaise, girls who complain they're fat 24/7, intolerance, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, hot weather and people who aren't in my general social circle (so near enough everyone.)

(14/05/08) If you've been reading Screw Perfection you may have read I've been looking for pictures of people who resemble my characters. Well I thought I'd them now along with some basic information. These are written from chapter 1 so I'm not including any spoilers. (Update 14/08/08) Long profile was annoying me so I got rid of the profiles but kept the pictures.

Andrew 'Andy' Monroe


Ryan Matthew Simmons

http:///_Yuv8VGF1Kko/SeUNbvqxbsI/AAAAAAAAAp4/ePjrkmZs4rw/S774/JeremySumpter7.jpg (note: this is what he would look like with shorter hair)

Nathan Jonah Smith


Hollie Angela Pike


Charlotte "Lottie" La Cerva


Naomi Sinead Cunningham

http:///d/movies/1/0/X/_/O/bafta0734.jpg (admittedly she's a little older then Naomi, image Naomi in a few years)

Tiffany Alyssa Foster


Rocio Velquez


Major characters complete, hope you like the pics!


Brandon James Foster


(21/08/09) On the off chance someone's actually still reading this I thought I'd give you all an update on things... I'm itching to write my Screw Perfection sequel, my other stories aren't going anywhere, I've had a plan in my mind for a while and am actually getting to the point where I lie in bed at night and write parts in my head. The problem is I have exams (yes, it's that time of year again) and really can't afford to be distracted. And after these I'm on vacation for another two weeks so it's going to be about a month until I can really get stuck into it. Blood Ties is coming along slowly and Strawberry Gashes (shite name I know, I'll think of something better eventually) hasn't even been started so don't get too excited about that yet.


Upcoming projects...I actually have a few ideas but I'll just tell you the concrete one(s):

Blood Ties - Sisters Georgia and Rita are self styled outcasts shunned by their community, friends by choice and together forever. But there's a problem. Georgia's developing a taste for blood and death, and the appearance of a mysterious stranger known only as X threatens to allow her dark side to consume her completely. Can the sister's bond prevail? Or will Georgia's demons destroy everything?

Begun writing the first chapters. In need of a beta if anyone’s interested.

Strawberry Gashes - Lovers Daniel and Amy were always a little different; Goth to the core and obsessed with the macabre, but underneath it all they were still real people with real families, emotions and lives. Until they meet Antonio Levat and his coven, that is, who insists they could be so much more then that with just one tiny squirt of blood in their veins.


Life For Rent - After witnessing the suicide of a stranger, Brad, who had tried so hard to get his life back on track after running away from home, finds his life beginning to deteriorate once more. That is until his seemingly perfect new neighbour offers him a job at Life For Rent, an enigmatic company where anyone can "hire" the perfect life aslong as the cheque doesn't bounce. But to what lengths exactly will this company go to satisfy it's clients? And how far has it already wormed it's way into Brad's life without him even realising?


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Frayed at the Edges reviews
Sequel to Screw Perfection. After his break-up with Ryan, Andy thought his life would fall apart. But when his sister-in-law's brother, a convicted criminal with secrets of his own, moves in Andy's ex-boyfriend will be the last thing on his mind. Slash
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Andy has it all, at least in everyone elses' eyes. But it's not what he wants so, one day, he chooses to give it all up. Instead what he wants is a cute freshman by the name of Ryan Simmons, but it's not going to be easy. They've never even talked. MM
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