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Hello. I come from fanfiction where my pen name is Bingo7, and I mostly write in the fairy tale section.

Here I'll mostly be reviewing and reading. If I do post it will be about Rome. I love Rome, if no one could tell from my pen name.

A little bit about me, I'm short, definitely female and love cats, snakes, and horses. I also love rain and cobalt. I have many siblings, including seven brothers. I'm not kidding...I think I've come to understand guys a little bit. They aren't nearly as confusing as females! I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing yet. Anyway I'm getting ready to apply to BYU Idaho soon, where most likely my writing time will be cut in half! Still, I hope to become some sort of author eventually.

One thing I must never fail to mention is that I'm LDS aka Mormon. So if you have questions, or are also a fellow LDS, give me a PM! I'm totally open.

So, maybe I did post a story... The Haughty Princess! Don't worry, I do plan on finishing it, even though the silent readers aren't reviewing! Still, reviews might persuade me to update sooner...(; Voglein is also up. It's my baby, and holds a special place in me. I hope you review it!

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Meet Rhian, a self-proclaimed comedian whose thoughts are completely erratic. She lives in a kingdom where the prince has no emotions, and she is supposed to break the curse placed on him. Of course, she doesn't want to do this. Told in her POV.
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The Haughty Princess reviews
Princess Ruthia is the fairest in all the land, and she knows it. Her pride goes so far as to refuse every young man that woos her. Her father is determined to marry her off, even to a beggar. Who will win? Disclaimer: This is based off a Grimm fairy tale
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Vöglein reviews
Karl, the young carpenter of Brinak, Germany, did not want the lad to come to his house. Frieda's heart was far too soft and Father Johan's urgings were far too persuasive. But was this enough to stand against the overbearing decree of Father Bernard?
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