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I love to read, havent ever tried writing before, love music- i play violin, piano, sing in the shower ;O

And I'm learning the oboe/cello now!

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Movies: Really really really love thrillers/action movies

Books:The five people you meet in heaven, stuff by Sarah dessen, classics, twilight (only the first book though. and def. not the movie), blood and chocolate...

Foods:EVERYTHING. seriously. i will eat anything and everything. :D

Drinks: mmm... milk?

Sports: Tennis, track, swimming

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oh, and thank you thank you thank you so much to those who are putting up with my random hiatuses

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ONE SHOT. “Aw, c’mon, Kee, you angry?” He smiled cheekily. “I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Three Kit Kat bars?” Damn. He took out the big guns. “Fine.” I snatched the bars before he could make me beg. “But only because I’m low on supplies.”
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“What the hell did I steal of yours now?” I demand, annoyed to no end, but my breath catches when he fully sprawls himself over me, pinning me down and taking my head in his hands. “My heart,” he whispers and then his lips are on mine.
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Intrigue by obsidian sorceress reviews
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In The End reviews
His half crazed eyes rolled about, "There is a kingdom with no king, there is a queen without her ring." He smiled slowly, revealing tiny, sharp teeth. "Tell me girl, what does this bring?"
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