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Alright. time to get the show on the road.

first off: Yes, I'm a noob, get over it. secondly, i love story writing. Manga's especially. you'll see it soon, at least an extremely edited version of it. My manga's go all the way to NC-17. and not, not just with smut, ya dirty stinkin pervs, but horror and gore as well.and language. and alcohol abuse. and other stuff. but i digress.

Manga's are my life. I've had a fascination of their artwork for at least 6 years now. My manga's, let's just say, are too sexy for their shirts. I'm mainly in the Yaoi circut(Can't spell that freakin word...) mainly stuff like Togainu No Chi, for those who know and love what it is.

Well, it's not exactly into that sort of stuff, but the yaoi thing is still eminent. I mainly do mangas about religious crap, like the struggle between Heaven and Hell, Devils and angels, Purgatory, Seven Deadly Sins, yada yada. don't like it, tough titties.

No, my attitude is not crappy, you just have a crappy outlook on it.(Cheers) on the inside, i'm just as warm an fuzzy as the next guy.girl. whatever. But yeah, my mangas are basically revolving around those specific areas, too bad i need to edit it for you. the unedited version is kick ass. wait...am i aloud to say ass on here? Crap. oh well. live it while you can!

my interests are in music, to ellaborate, rock, and metal. no, i'm not only interested in those fields, i like to ease myself into certain classical music, mostly Bethoveen and scores done by Howard Shore in the Lord of the Rings soundtracks. that music is just so beautiful...

My interest mainly revolves around the bands Mudvayne(Kick fcking ass), Korn, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Bush, System of a Down, 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park(loathe their new album .

A thing to note about me: I hate polititians. it does not matter which side their on, i hate them good. thank you. = ) . I'm also into RP.if you are interested and haven't been able to see my books yet, email me at gunzilovesyou@, and talk to me. We can RP, and you can get a few insights on my manga, Fruit Cup's, characters.enjoy, gratzi, danke, and the works.

my friends are nuts. There fore, i am nuts. Hell, i slam into tables and windows, roll off of skating ramps in wheely chairs, and a whole nother assorted list of things jsut for the hell of it. there's gonna be a mutual attraction.

"Sometimes boys are fighting. but sometimes boys are having fun."

Andrew de Stoneh( XD

"Dude!It's Killswitch Engage!! It's sung by a black man, and it's beautiful!!"


de's are only a few quotes of my good friends. I'll get more up later, but right now i'm not in the mood.

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