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Hello people!If you're here it means you want to know something about this crazy 'writer' so let's talk about the basics.

Name: Call me Kai or Kari

Age: old enough

Birth Date: 5/24

Spoken Languages: I currently speak English and Spanish, the latter being my native tongue. Currently, I am studying Japanese and German.

Hobbies/Interests: anime, manga, writing, playing the piano, reading, music, art, drawing, TV, sleeping

Personality: I'm generally nice to people although I do have a terrible temper I keep myself calm most of the time. Because of this I'm usually pretty laid back and I try to not let things bother me too much. I'm not one to talk to people for the hell of it, but I get along well with people and somehow I attract others, don't ask how. I like to make people laugh and I try to teach them what I can. Learning interesting things is one of my main things so I'm pretty curious and open to new ideas.

I suppose I'm a random person and could easily fit into the role of the stereotypical author. Yes, that's right, I wear reading glasses, pajama pants and baggy flannel shirts when I write. Comfort is inspiration after all. Although the flannel shirts is only when it's cold and it's not my fault since I'm not the largest person in the world, but I digress. Overall, I am entertaining, or so I've been told and can act immature.

Contrary to what my stories might dictate, I'm not a very romantic person...=_=;... I actually have no idea how I manage to succeed in Romance stories when I prefer action/adventure stories. Irony is a funny thing. I guess that's all for now.

Why I'm here:

I guess I'm here because I have a few ideas I need to get out of my head. I won't be posting my best writing here so please refrain from over analyzing my work. I'm not trying to write a masterpiece here, I just write for fun and for anyone who might enjoy my stories. I do, however, appreciate reviews.

Story Status

Kuroi: Under Revision

This story was previously known as Magic Black, but I decided to go under a simpler name. As of now the official name is Kuroi and it simply means "Black".

Here is a bit of random info about the story. If you want to know anything else just ask and I'll post it.

Genre: I guess it's a mixture between Action/Adventure/Supernatural/Humor/Romance/Friendship/Drama. Wow, that's a lot of genres...

Story:The story follows Mira Miyake, a high school student who lost her memory in an accident two years earlier and is now living with her two cousins. She meets Kane Nakamura, the new student at her school who helps her one day after school as she is being followed by a stranger. He takes her to his home and tells her that he knows about her past. Mira finds out that her real name is Kuroi and that she belongs to the Schattenreich organization along with Kane.

As the story progresses Mira learns more about who she really is and runs into some old friends who may now be foes. With the help of Kane and the other agents of the organization she fights her enemies while fighting against her own personal demons. At the end of the day the truth may not be what it seems to be.

Schattenreich: It's a German word. I was looking for a good name for a mysterious organization and found this. It can be roughly translated to "realm of shadows". It is fitting for the organization because it's members are not supposed to exist since they deal with the supernatural. Therefore the organization is made up of "shadows" with the exception of Mira, Kane, Kaito, Yasuo, and Shina who live as civilians under fake names which also makes their existence fake. Oh, and yes, there will be German influences apart from this, it'll all be explained later on.

Character Names:Some of their names are kind of like puns about their powers. An example would be Moriko which means "forest child" Her last name being Morigawa which can be translated as "forest river". Also some characters within Schattenreich have a sort of code name like "Wind Master Kaito" or "Erdschatten" for Kane which means "Earth Shadow" in German.

Fallen Sun: Under Revision

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Drama

Story: Atrer the goddess of the dead tricks Vel, the god of the moon and wisdom to go to Tellus, the human world in search for his sister. Meanwhile, Lys, the sun goddess runs from her enemies with the help of Kouhei, a peasant boy who found her by a river. After being reunited with her brother she must find a way back into the realm of the gods and bring justice to Atrer. Along the way they meet some interesting characters, gain new allies and find the truth behind the gods and Atrer's plans.

Character and Setting Names: The names of characters and places may sound strange, most if not all of them have a meaning. I took words from Latin, Norwegian, Icelandic and other languages and made them into character names and names of towns. They somehow fit the characters, but most of the names in those languages are for the gods and towns, the other minor characters will have Japanese names.

Development: Let's just say that this story is heavily based on general mythology with terms borrowed from several languages. It can be considered a melting pot of the world's tales while still remaining as a stand alone and original story.


Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, Humor, Supernatural

Story Summary: A government thief who travels the world recovering stolen artifacts that the police can't get. A pocket-watch with the power to freeze time. A female detective that won't stop until she gets some answers. A past that cannot be erased. They are all intertwined and not even time itself can change their fate.

The main character in this story is Kairos, who is a sort of thief for a government organization, or more like a counter thief since he takes back what was stolen. He mainly works in cases too dangerous for the police to intervene in and was chosen for his ability to control time to a certain extent with the help of a pocket watch. He never fails his missions, until he meets detective Yue through a mission. Yue becomes immersed in trying to find out who the thief in black really is and why everything he steals is later returned. They run into each other constantly and eventually, her individual investigation on the thief puts her in harms way when the people Kairos works for consider her a hindrance as she gets closer to the truth.

Characters and Setting: The lead characters are Kairos, Yue and Hadwin with Kairos and Hadwin being co-workers. The main setting of the story is Tokyo, japan even though it begins in France but it will probably shift to include the U.S. and Mexico and may go back to europe for a bit. Other characters include organization members, Hadwin, Axl, Talen, Ez, and more along with officers who work with Yue like Asato.


Genre: Romance, Humor, Drama

Story: Miyake Mira meets Saito Kane, her new teacher and instantly dislikes the man. After a series of mishaps and a lot of quality time due to her time in detention they grow closer. Feelings between them deepen, but even after accepting each other there's trouble brewing from others. Drama, humor and loads of romance, but that's what high school is usually about.

Characters and Setting: The story takes place in Tokyo, Japan. It centers around Mira and Kane who are two characters from "Kuroi". Other cameos include Yasuo, Shina, Isaac, Jenell, Yuu and Moriko from "Kuroi" and Hadwin, Yue and Kairos from "Chronos" amongst others.

Development: This story was originally only five chapters long and was developed for a writing contest. The first version is a short story mode that ends in chapter five, deviating from the original version around halfway through the chapter. The characters are all from other stories so it can be considered an alternate universe crossover of sorts between my works with age variations in the characters.

Mirror of Reveries

Genre: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Friendship, Humor, Supernatural

Story: Sofia, a little girl, eight years old comes across a strange mirror while visiting the new neighbor with her mother. On the other side she finds a world very much like the one in fairy tales, even when it comes to the monsters. Larus, a young demon, comes across the small girl and decides to help her get back home. Now they must travel through the different lands, searching for a way back to Sofia's world, making new friends and enemies along the way. Follow their adventures as they go through wars, deserts and forests, searching for answers and learning about friendship along the way.

Characters and Setting: This one is very interesting to me because it's my first major work that takes place in a whole new world, a fantasy world. The world is as of yet, nameless, but the different Kingdoms will have names as the story progresses, like Ignis, Lucus, Isold and Arden.

The main characters are Sofia, the little girl that falls through the mirror. She is curious and very much fearless, but still depends on those around her, mainly Larus. As much as she misses her family, she also enjoys her time with Larus and her new friends. Sofia is brave for her age, always trying to be strong and not complain when things go bad, especially to Larus, whom she cares about almost like a brother or father figure.

Larus is a demon, young by his standards and somewhat distant, still, he can be caring and show concern for others, though not as blatantly as his human friends. At heart, he is a good person, though a bit reserved. His views on humans are unique and although he isn't really arrogant, he does believe that humans are lesser than him to some extent. Still, he looks after Sofia even when there is nothing for him to gain, with the excuse of not wanting his initial efforts to save her to go to waste. He usually excuses his kind and considerate actions with selfish reasons. As he travels with Sofia he learns more about what it means to be human and about friendship.

Ludvik: A young soldier of Ignis, trained by Larus and close subordinate to the demon. He has an unwavering respect towards Larus, as he taught him to fight. A strong fighter by nature, he only needed to train for some time to become a good soldier. Still, he tends to have agentle nature and fights only when necessary. His reason for joining the army is to protect his family. He is a friend of Johann and cares for Sofia when Larus isn't around.

Johann: A soldier of Ignis and friend of Ludvik. He is not as hesitant to fight as Ludvik, but still only does so to protect those he cares about. His disposition is a lot more wild than his friend's and he tends to be a bit immature, but he is a good person at heart. He is a close subordinate to Larus, having been trained by him, and respects him above most others. Like Ludvik, he looks after Sofia occasionally.

Shai/Frey: He is the banished prince of Lucus, son of Ulfur. Because of his kindness and concern for his people, his father banished him from Lucus for fear of Frey usurping the throne. Frey wandered into the desert of Arden and collapsed from heat exhaustion near the city of Arden, where he was found by the sons of the king and taken to the city. Frey claimed to having forgotten where he came from and was renamed 'Shai' and accepted by the king and his family. It was only after Larus revealed his true identity that he decided to take on his responsibilities as prince and take the throne from his father, taking on his own name once more.

More on characters coming soon

Development: Coming soon

Pictures: Here are a few pictures I made of the characters of my various stories. I'll post more as time goes on. Please remember that this is not my best work, but I can only work with a few programs for now and I do not have a tablet so these were made using only MS Paint. If you would like to make your own rendition of these characters, you are more than welcome to as long as you tell me. I'd love to see what you can make. :D

Larus(MOR): http:///albums/g369/Mira-chan01/Larus_Beta_2-1.png

http:///albums/g369/Mira-chan01/Larus.png NEW

Sofia(MOR): http:///albums/g369/Mira-chan01/Sofia_Beta-1.png

http:///albums/g369/Mira-chan01/SofiaFB.png NEW

Aldrich (MOR): http:///albums/g369/Mira-chan01/Aldrich.png NEW

Idunn (MOR): http:///albums/g369/Mira-chan01/Idunn.png NEW

Mira(Detention/Kuroi): http:///albums/g369/Mira-chan01/MiraHS.png

Kane(Detention/Older Kane): http:///albums/g369/Mira-chan01/KaneHS.png

Kaito(Detention/Kuroi): http:///albums/g369/Mira-chan01/KaitoHS.png

I now have a blog! You can find it at wastelandabridged . blogspot . com Pictures will be posted there now since I can't really edit my profile.

I have a new blog! Which is insane, but my last one has sort of died and I like Tumblr more so; http:///

Go there for notes on some of the stories published here and character sketches! Ask questions submit prompts and have fun!

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