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A Joint Collaboration between authors Kitsune no Hi and Kaze No Shi.
Its Purpose? To showcase the collaborative works between the two authors.
...this ain't gonna be pretty...

Hey, everyone. Kaze no Shi here. The mad genius of this terrible twosome. This demonic duo. This pestilent pair. Yep. As you can obviously see, this account, this penname and all the works contained under this account will all be collaborations between our friend Kitsune no Hi and ourselves. It's amusing that this little thing was started rather spur-of-the-moment during a rather...interesting late night conversation Kitsune and ourselves had not too long ago (Thingamajuju. XD). At any rate, the reason this little brainchild of ours came into existance was because of an RP that Kitsune and we are currently entangled with.

"It'd be cool if we turned this into a fic."

That was the mind-shattering revelation that dawned upon both of us in the wee-small hours of the morning. And thus, here we are. We're still not finished with the RP at all. We have details fleshed out, yes. But there's still the matter of playing it, letting the characters do what they want and letting the dice fall where they may. It's gonna be a wild ride, and we will he honored if you, the readers, watch over us and enjoy the ride just as much as we do. We have to warn you's definitely gonna be a bumpy one. o_o ;;

Oh, and to clarify some things, no. Kaze no Shi is NOT a group in and of itself. We just happen to have the strange habit of referring to ourselves using the Victorian "We" and we also sometimes talk in the third person. Bad habits, Yes. However, it does make for interesting situations in conversation and whatnot.

What do you think, Kitsune? Too long-winded? Too chatty? XD

Yes, a bit, but no matter.

You basically explained everything and didn't leave anything for me. Oh well, I'll just think of something else to explain~ As Shi said, this account will be used for our joint works and even some individual works that have to do with said joint works. Did that sound weird to anyone other then me?

Anyway, please keep an eye and an ear out for a Teaser of a current works~

I should have said more, ne Shi?

Perhaps. But we forgive you, anyway. It was our silly mistake for taking all the juicy bits and throwing you the scraps.

We should probably work on that teaser, shouldn't we... OH! We know what you can do. Why not explain the plot of the story that will be the main focus of this project? That should prove interesting for the readers at least. And it'll serve as something we can do while we wait to post the teaser.

I SUPPOSE I could do that. Though as to not give everything away, I will just work on a summary.

It's at the end of the profile~

What do you think Shi?

We think it was lovely. But then again, boys love is always lovely. And yes...this epic project will certainly contain it's fair share of boy's love, as well as many other things that occupy the darker recesses of the human mind, but that's why this project is gonna be so DAMN FUN.

And we STILL say that we are HORRIBLE to our characters...but it's so fun... We really do have our fair share of problems, ne Kitsune?

Agreed. We definitely have issues for what we put our characters though.

This will not only be boys love, but full out Yaoi. If that bothers you, just go away, we don't want your flames.

Right, Shi?

Indubitably. If you can't deal with gay men or gay sex or any of that lovely stuff, go away and get some counselling, cause you're probably a closet queen anyway. Besides, we don't NEED people's trash-talking. We get that enough in real life without having to deal with you asshats on the internet. Besides. we're sure that the eventual fans of this story will outweigh the detractors at any rate.

Oh, we should probably warn you a bit more. In addition to graphic mansex, this story will also have outright S&M scenes, and scenes of explicit violence and gore. We're not talking about the occasional nosebleed, people. We're talking about decapitations. Viscera flying through the air. Visions of murder so severe that any sane person would run away SCREAMING if he saw them.

Sounds fun, eh? We should probably wrap this up, huh Kitsune?

Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

Thank you, by the way, for doing the disclaimer and such. I had forgotten to do that.

Now, how should wrap this up?

I honestly don't know. I was never good with this sort of thing. Knowing us, we'd probably end it very tersely, or it would end with us jibbering on about God-know's-what. At any rate, we should probably thank everyone for reading and whatnot, yes?


Thank you all for reading this probably very long profile~

We know it was a roundabout and strange way of doing things, but we hope you will watch over us in the future.

Works in Progress

That Attitude Amuses Me - The Man and the Killer: Ever hear the saying 'looks may be deceiving'? How about 'never judge a book by it's cover'? It appears as if both sayings apply to Andrew and Erick. Follow these two men into a world of insanity, murder, betrayal, and deceit as they slowly become more enamored with each other. Will this 'attachment' be the end of them? Or will it somehow strengthen them?
Rating: M for extreme violence and sexual relations between two men
Genre: Manga, Drama/Horror
Status: Prologue up!

That Attitude Amuses Me
What happens when a normal businessman finds a strange, mysterious injured man in a back alley and takes him to his apartment to care for his wounds? Redemption? Damnation? One psychotic terror trip? Only the raven-haired man in the duster knows for sure.
Fiction: Manga - Rated: M - English - Drama/Horror - Chapters: 2 - Words: 18,321 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 7/8/2008 - Published: 6/1/2008