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Name: Kalika

E-mail: theauthorkalika@hotmail.com

Information: After having read stories on Fictionpress, for the past couple of months, I've finally decided to post a story of my own. More often than not, I prefer to write general fiction. However, currently I am trying to perfect the romance aspect of my writing, and therefore a lot of my stuff here will be under the romance category.


30th June, 2008: I know I haven't updated in ages, and I do feel quite terrible about it. Thing is, I've fractured a finger (the neighbor's dog bit it, and broke the bone, while my dog, which is twice the size of the neighbor's dog, uselessly cowered behind me) Anyways, my family doctor has warned me that typing will be an unnecessary strain on the stitches.

However, I should be good to restart writing in a week or two, max. So I'll be posting again by then. I miss working on TUML and can't wait to get back to it. So, those of you who have been concerned about me discontinuing the story can rest assured that it'll be back soon.

13th May, 2008: Chapter 11 of TUML is up. The party weekend that everyone has been waiting for, shall finally commence. This one is also slightly longer like the last one, since it took me this long to get it up.

25th April, 2008: Late, but with good reasons, which are explained in great detail in the Author's Ramblings section, I give you Chapter 10 of TUML. It's a tad longer than usual to make up for the delay. Thanks for the patience. Still working on those darn one-shots, as well as the concept for two other full-length stories. not sure which of them will make it on FictionPress, but I'll let you guys know as soon as I decide myself.

9th April, 2008: This update is much, much later than I intended it to be. But here it is, Chapter 9 of TUML and it concludes the unintentional, mini cliffhanger of Chapter 8. I'll try to have Chapter 10 out as soon as possible. I'm thinking of posting a few one-shots as well, though I'm not too sure. But if that happens I'll put them up sometime this month.

31st March, 2008: Chapter 8 of TUML is up! It will be working towards sorting out the mess Kaaya made in Chapter 7. Also, I'm removing the Readers' Reviews' Responses section. I've been advised to send private replies to the reviewers' inboxes instead. So that's what I'll be doing from now on.

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