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Hey, thank you for viewing my account and reading my stories. If you review or add a story to your favorites, then I'll return the favor and try to review one of your stories.

About Me: I'm a teenage Sci-Fi/Action/Fantasy writer, and I have been writing for over two years. The first book I wrote was called "Fantasy War," and it was 50 pages long. However, I lost it when my hard drive crashed, and I started rewriting it with a new title, "Intersteller." I can never stick to only writing one book at a time, so it takes me a while to write a single chapter for a book. My favorite bands are: Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Breaking Benjamin, Simple Plan, and Boys Like Girls.

Websites: You can visit my FanFiction account here: D.Doberman. I currently have two Halo stories written on there.

And a Roleplaying site that I made (kinda): http:///RPCentre/index.php?act=idx

Favorite Books: "Quicksilver" by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens, the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer, the Usagi Yojimbo series by Stan Sakai, the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, the Tennis Shoes series by Chris Heimerdinger.

Books Currently Working On: Intersteller: Book I Choosing Sides, The Dark Mark, Intersteller: Book V: Left Behind, Halo: Prism Crisis (On FanFiction), and Halo: Combat Devolved (On FanFiction).

Books On Hold: The Age Of The Dragon, Intersteller: Book II, Battleground Horizon, Intersteller: Book III, Deficient, Intersteller: Book IV, Apocalypse, The Greatest Empire, Grantview High School, The Greatest Empire, and a Detective Story (title not decided yet).

Books Written: The Fantasy War.

Music I Listen To When I Write: Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, Halo, Transformers.

Recent Ideas: N/A.

Recent Favorite Song (I recommend them): "Blow Me Away" by Breaking Benjamin.

Past Favorite Songs: "Soldiers" by Drowning Pool, "When I'm Gone" by Simple Plan.

Thanks for viewing my profile! Adios! And remember, Reviews always makes the author happy! :)

Da' Doberman

Recent News from D.Doberman:

August 2, 2k8: I'm back! Intersteller: Book I, Choosing Sides has a new chapter!

June 21, 2k8: All stories of mine are on hold due to work. Sorry everyone. Don't give up on me. I just have to get settled with my new job before I can figure out time to write. Sorry!

June 10, 2k8: I'm rewriting the chapters 10-current for "Intersteller: Book I, Choosing Sides." I'm going to try to make it more 'realistic' for Lt. Garry. Thanks for reading everyone!

June 7, 2k8: R.E.D. the animator was such a great guy to help out with Intersteller; he did 3D modeling of the FALAR. You can go to: http:///art/FALAR-One-87988176, http:///art/FALAR-Two-87988659, and http:///art/FALAR-Three-87990134. Each one is amazing done; and I should also tell you about Yoseph. He's an amazing friend too. He's done 3D modeling of a carrier for Intersteller to, and I'd feel rotten if his stuff wasn't included on here as well: http:///art/Intersteller-Carrier-Part-1-87178267, http:///art/Intersteller-Carrier-Part-2-87178644, and http:///art/Intersteller-Carrier-Part-3-87178863. Thanks again guys! Oh, yes, don't forget to check out Yoseph's story, Intersteller: Raid on Aldere. It's a really good story! And also a picture of a DOBRMN is there: http:///art/DOBRMN-Full-Battle-Uniform-86864693.

June 6, 2k8: As some of you may have noticed, I put up Intersteller, Book V. If you're reading Book I it's okay to read Book V as well. They're completely different stories with different characters. Bishop Jackson fans can now see the art for him at my deviantart site. Just click the link below for Zach and you can hopefully find it from there. :D

April 29, 2k8: Intersteller fans now you can see the very first released picture for Zach Malor. Here's the link: http:///art/Zach-Malor-84289809. Thanks for reading!

April 2, 2k8: Hello! I just want everyone to know that when I upload a new chapter, I replace all the previous stories with updated stories.

March 20, 2k8; Hey everyone, I'm sorry my stories aren't getting updates too often. I'm currently working on three books right now. Two on here and another on FanFiction. It's not a really good idea to work on that many books.

March 18, 2k8; You may now visit my FanFiction account here: D.Doberman.

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Intersteller: Book I, Choosing Sides reviews
Hey everyone! Recent news as of Sept. 1, 2k8: I bk.1 is on hold, possibly for a while. There are several reasons for this, and I can't fit them in this summary. I'm sorry to my readers and I'll try to get the new revised story up here ASAP. Thank you.
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I am one of the Remnant-the few of a couple million humans left on Earth. Our greedy life has become our downfall, and when we became weak, the Others appeared. Now it's a survival of the fittest on the world that we-Remnant-call Earth.
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