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Name -- No way in hell am I giving out my real name. You may call me Luka. Because Luka is a cool name.

DOB -- November 2 (Mexican Day of the Dead! W00T!)

Writing Style -- Mostly slash. When I don't write slash, characters tend to die. I like killing my characters. I find it amusing. Seriously though, I prefer to write fantasy and manga style stories. I'm not so good with writing real life stuff.

Hobbies/Interests -- Writing (duh), playing video games, wishing I was in Japan, practising my Japanese in anticipation of going to that fair land, watching anime, reading manga, rollar blading, annexing other people's pets (stupid frickin' landlord won't let us have any of our own...), making clothes and costumes (all hand-stitched since I tend to run my fingers over when I use a machine), sitting in the emo corner being depressed (happens with embarrassing regularity) and talking to my rather insane friends. Oh, and growing miniature trees. I have strange interests.

Sexuality -- GAY. Got that? I'm gay. Just in case you hadn't noticed from the fact that I like sewing and gardening and other such things. And yes, I am a boy. Huzzah. (Huzzah is my word, by the way, to be used as I will. Thou mayest not steal it. Grr.)

Religion -- A strange mixture between atheist and pagan. Try not to think about it too hard. It works for me and in my world, that is all that matters.

Appearance -- Does it really matter? Fine. I'm about five foot... six, I think... I can't believe I don't know how tall I am.Goddess, that's pathetic... --shakes head mournfully-- Dark brown hair, cut a la emo, dark eyes with these rather awesome goldy flecks in them. So proud of my flecks I am. Yuss... I'm so pale I can see my veins and hell yeah I'm proud of that too. I tend to wear black. Lots an' lots of black. And that's all the info you get, my friendies. No idea why I even put that much in. Probably so you could all get a visual of me hunched over my computer, slaving away for you gratification whilst my brothers wander past and mutter things like "fag" and "freak" and request that I present my wrists for inspection. I love my family...

Other assorted information about both myself and my stories shall be added as I can be bothered to write it.

...Huzzah ...

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