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I am what I like to call "Hetero-Flexible."

I am eighteen years old.

Phaith McCoy isn't my real name.

Wow. I'm fucking nuts...Lollerskates. :)

I believe that everyone should make their own choices, whether it be what to wear or who to love. Don't let people pressure you. Be who you are, do what you do, fuck who you want.

I have a new blog!! Go here, see it...but only if you like "Bones."

Squint Squad

Things I Like:

Alex Rider, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, MuggleCast, MySpace, Hair Dye, Green, Slytherin, Writing, Reading, Acting, Drawing, Speech and Debate, Family, Friends, Music, (Some) TV, Forums, FanFiction, Slash, Wizard Rock, Kingdom Hearts, Obama, Girls, Boys, Birds, Snakes, Vegans, Tofu, Morning Star Veggie Burgers, Swearing (Even Though It Makes You Sound Unintelligent), Striped Socks, Midnighters, Tridecalogisms, Emo Boys, Piercings, Tattoos (But Not Too Many), Internet Celebrities, StickyDrama, DeviantArt, Matthew Lush, Kiki Kannibal, Sweeney Todd, Helena Bonham Carter, Jamie Campbell Bower, Keira Knightley, Badly Written Vampire Smut, Stealing Clothes From My Friend Jennie, Vests, Dresses, Mac, iPods, Imogen Heap, The Hush Sound, Shakespeare, King Arthur Anything, Harry Potter Icons.

Things I don't like:

Haters, Getting Flamed, Homophobes, Snobby People, Bad Grammar, McCain, Web Blocks, Bad Music, Super Obsessive Fangirls (1), Hypocrites, Ginny Weasley, Kairi, Speech and Debate (2), Writing Bios, Incomplete Stories (3), When People Read Your Stories and Don't Review (4), John Hock (5), How The Fucking Icon Messes Up The Alignment, Most Vegetables, The Fact That Jennie Doesn't Have Her Own FictionPress Account, Bitches, Global Warming, Slaughter Houses, Sharing A Room, Contact Lenses, Smocks, Smurfs, Bad Anime, Jamie Lynn Spears, Assigned Reading Assignments, Assigned Art Assignments (6), The Drive From Utah To California (7), That's So Raven, Zoey 101, Asymmetry, Globes, Autobiographies, Sports, Having Short Fingers, Being A Girl (If You Know What I Mean), Having A Locker In The Middle Of FUCKING NOWHERE.

(1) Okay. I'm a fangirl. An obsessive fangirl, I'll even say. But I will NEVER show up outside of TRL wearing only a Harry Potter towel and flipflops when Dan Radcliffe is there. I have morals.

(2) This is in both likes and don't likes because it causes me so much stress. Damn Extemporaneous speeches...

(3) These make me so effing sad in every possible way. I will start reading something, get really into it, get to chapter 14...and it ends. Because the author hasn't updated it in TWO FUCKING YEARS, even though it's absolutely fantastic. -sigh-

(4) This angers me to no end. I don't care if you didn't like my story, but at least tell me why!

(5) He's a racist, rapist, and a homophobe. I think those things alone are disgusting, but put all three together...fuck...

(6) I hate being told what to read and what to draw. I feel it impedes my creativity. Yes.

(7) Nine hours in a car with my sisters, mom, step-dad, and baby brother? I don't fucking think so.

My Links:

Draw Draw!

Literary Porn?

Whore Me.

My "About Me" from my MySpace!

Well, I don't play any instruments, and I absolutely LOATHE sports (except fencing and archery), so I'm not allowed to carry on about that... The main things I care about are FAMILY (Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters, Everything In Between), FRIENDS (Allison, Tanner, Everyone Else), and MUSIC. I hate school. Especially Math. Many people consider me EMO, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions about me...I love Russia, Ireland, England, Sweden, and even though I've never been to any of these places, I do plan on going there. I like green. As in, the colour? And rainbow things make me happy. I'm basically the hag of my group. I enjoy dyeing my hair, I'm going purple soon!! I like watching scary movies, even though I can't sleep for about a week afterwords. I love anything Harry Potter. I actually cried when I didn't get my Hogwarts letter. And, I can quote both the movies and the books, because I'm awesome like that. I'm in Slytherin, obviously. For some reason, people in my school are scared of me...I wouldn't ever really hurt anybody, unless they do something that I find totally and completely disgusting. I am in drama. I go to speech meets. I have fun at aformentioned speech meets. I do Dramatic Interpretation and Extemp, both of which I am relatively new at. Woo. As you can tell if you've gotten this far, I'm not into giving out a bunch of random adjectives in varying capitalization. I won't fill this thing with: FaBuLoUs, sMaRt, CrAzY, fUnNy, etc. I HATE it when people do that. Fucking idiots, is what they are. I enjoy reading and writing...but unless I like you, you will never read what it is that I write. Or unless you are into random FanFiction like I am...MuggleCast is my way through the week. If you don't know what that is, then you are not wicked awesome. Deal with it. I am random. I'll get in these wierd moods, and all I'll want to do is draw/watch/read about Fruits Basket or Alex Rider or Kingdom Hearts...I know, I'm odd. I like being like that. That way, no one can predict what I'll do next. I'm basically in love with anything involving Draco Malfoy. Or slash...again, if you don't know what slash is, you are not wicked awesome. I live in my own little world full of PlotBunnies, random male "celebrities" like Jamie and Matt and Eric and Mikey and Andrew, and random fictional male characters. I like my world. Leave it be. I am a proud Death Eater...even though I enjoy Muggleborns. They're entertaining. I love to go shopping. Especially when I have money. Well, you have to know me to really know about me. That's It.


Okay. Well. I just would like to talk about my little story, "The Other Half."

First, yes, it's set in the future. But...not in, like, 300 years in the future, just 20.

Next: In the year 2019, a series of bombs were set off in nearly every large city in the world. This is bad, as it killed a lot of people, animals, and basically made people even more crazy than they already were. The few good things about this was that people started to really appreciate the earth. They went vegan, to preserve the few livestock left in the world, and they went green. Yay.


This is what I sorta pictured "The Other Half" characters to look like:

Asher: Clicky! This is totally Ash. Except...I don't think he's going to have the snakebites...

Micah and Alexis: Clicky!I have to admit: They look a lot like Asher...but their hair is dark brown, not black...mmkay? But...Micah's gonna get the lip ring soonish. Yes. And, yes, they are identical. Just in case you were wondering.

Louisa: Clicky! Again, this is totally Louisa. Isn't she pretty?

I found these on Photobucket, so if you know who they are, or you are were my inspiration?

And "The Manor"...

Lucy: Clicky!Yes, this was more or less what she looked like in my brain, and, yes, that is Rachel Hurd-Wood...of "Peter Pan," "Perfume" and "An American Haunting."

Paul: Clicky!See Kett Turton. See Kett Turton be Paul, in both "Kingdom Hospital" and in "The Manor." Isn't Kett perfect?

Bobby (Narrator): Clicky!Yes, I know...he's slightly emo looking, but this is how I pictured him.

Alex ("Him"): Clicky! Both of the photos of Bobby and of Alex are by Alex McKee



Lord of the Flies

Catcher in the Rye

A Seperate Peace

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Oryx and Crake

Nicholas and Alexandra

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist


Anna Karenina


muchlikefalling "One Forty One"

muchlikefalling "Imagine"

RunaryKat "Kiriban Karma"

RunaryKat "Antidepressant"

TadashiChizoko "GAY"

Violator3 "Bittersweet Symphony"

DragonHeiress "Alex Rider Eagle Strike Spoof"

Joodlez "Artemis Fowl"

Joodlez "More Artemis Fowl"



John Green

David Levithan

J.K. Rowling

Sakai Michiba

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