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You'll never catch this Growlithe... While all the other Growlithes out there decided to be trained or slave away mindlessly to some lousy officer Jenny, I prefer to remain Wild. I am a very dedicated Poke/twerpshipper. (or any other names there are for it). If anyone bad mouths Ash and Misty when I'm around, they'll feel my flamethrower attack! Yeah, that's a problem I've gotta work on... my temper. I also simply detest Brock. I think that ever since the Johto Journeys started he's been nothing but a pain in the neck. Gymshipping makes me want to throw up, puke, lose my lunch, hurl, or anything else that involves retching up a previous meal. Sorry to offend any Gymshippers out there(or maybe I'm not!), but that is and always will be the way I feel. And I promise I WILL offend you in some of my fics! I appreciate all reviews and hope that someday people will like the stories that that lone little Growlithe writes as she sits alone in her den. Remember, if you flame me when I'm in a bad mood I'll flame ya right back... watch out for the Wild Growlithe.