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Why hello there. My username is InnocentSanctuary (incase you didn't notice) but my real name is Kait. I just recently began writing, but I am still very unsure as to if I want to post my work on here. I have a uncontrolable fear of criticism, which actually has a name. Enosiophobia or Enissophobia to be exact. I may consider it though.

I'm very open to anything, respectively. I like all kinds of music, art, and writing. I do have particular preferences though. I do prefer action/romances over most genres. Although if the storyline is well written and thought it, that could also catch my attention.

At the moment I am 15 and in the middle of my sophmore (10) year of high school. I can't wait to graduate and go to college though. My plans are to take college classes my junior year and graduate earlier than my class.

I am a Christian, but I'm not a "bible-thumper". I try to understand and accept people, and where they are coming from. I try not to judge people, by first impressions. But at times it becomes quite difficult. One thing I don't accept though, is racism and sexism. Those are two things that I think are completely wrong and have no logic behind them. There are many more reasons to hate someone than by the color of their skin or their gender. Two things that you cannot control. (To a certain extent.)

If there are anymore questions, just email me. I will gladly answer them. Have a great day.