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All right, about me...

My name is Alex. Short for Alexandra.

I'm a college student, approaching grad school.

I've been writing since I was thirteen but I haven't finished anything major since fifth grade.

I currently have oh, thirteen? fifteen? stories in the works. And in order to keep them all in order, I mark each one with a tiny icon in the corner of the pages.

Posting my work scares the crap out of me, but I gotta get over this fear, so I'll be posting oneshots and writing exercises. The feedback from which will help me decide which of my heinously many stories to work on. All of my stories are fantasy-fiction, where the main character is not always the one the plot is focusing on, or the one narrating. Confusing, but the truth.

Anyway, these are the stories I'll be posting stuff from:

Excalibur Blue- Never, ever follow mutant otter-squirrel-chihuahua things was a lesson Terri was learning the hard way. Or was it an wombat? Either way, now she's stuck in some sort of video-game-parallel-universe with a flighty tour guide, a new tattoo, and a ribbon that seems to have a life of it's own, and it likes her. Plus, the people are starting to freak her out, and the whole place gives her a weird vibe. On the other hand... the mysterious, fire-wielding knight seems kinda cute. This could be interesting. My current project. Follows the adventures of Terri, Ziph, and Kalas in the world of Merdrea.

Demons and Curses- yes it's supposed to sound that vague. That's kinda the point. But it's a cute romance with lots of humor, angst, mythical creatures, and of course magic. Demons, goddesses, crazy geneticists, and high school collide in the life of Persephone Dante. The characters are some of my personal favorites, and I'm currently using this story's id-icon as my avatar. Unfortunately, I'm considering writing this story out as a comic as opposed to a novel.

Oracles 2- I know I'm writing the sequel before the original, but trust me, if you read the first one, it would ruin everything fun about the second one for you. Set in an almost-modern-day-earth, where mutant raids are usual, everyone works for the Omni in someway, and the lines between blessed/cursed and reality/insanity are blurred; this story follows Zeke the Geek, his attempts to be a good Omnian, and the voices in his head, all the while trying to figure out why his parents are convinced Omnis is trying to kill him.

...darn I can't write anything else that wouldn't give too much away. This is really one of my most involved works. Remember how I said I'd been writing since I was thirteen? This is the story I started with, and it has evolved considerably since the first doodle and outline.

Half-Blood: The Fae King- As the colon implies, this is part of a series. This installment tells the story of the banished childlike king of the Fae as he tries to return to his own realm while avoiding entrapment in the human realm. (okay, so this summery tells almost nothing about the reality of the story, but you know, it's one of those take-the-plunge-and-read-it types.)-Also, this is the second story I started working on.

Immortal Blood- Hero-in-training Aethela was practically abandoned when her teacher, the Ancient Miz'ntor, was called to battle the darkness creeping across the land. Almost three years later, she's drawn back into the world of Ancients, heroes, and corruption when the charming almost-hero Tomis and his barely useful sidekick Jax stumble into her diner. Maybe together, these "almosts" will be able to uncover the secret hidden in the Ancients' gold and silver blood.

Wyren- Jenna was the normal one in her family. The middle child of five, she was the only one to not have been born with magic. And she was fine with that, really. Except her brothers and parents have gone missing, her sister isn't talking about it, and her only companion in her search for them is a mutt she found by the side of the road. If that wasn't bad enough, the gods have decided to get involved as well, and now she's stuck teaching her former lovable dog how to walk, talk, and blend in.

Fallen Avalon- Chelsea was just trying to get through high school, into college, and as far away from the empty house of her globe-trotting parents as possible. Unfortunately, a late night drive lands her playing landlady to an ever growing host of creatures from Avalon and bait to all sorts of unsavory types, all of whom seem to bear a connection to her mysterious first "guest", the sprite Jacovius Tournican. Wow, this one sounds like an actual summery.

Gaea's Song- A bastard daughter, a crotchety mute, and a band of gypsies are all that stand between the kingdom of Ge and annihilation. But not everything is how it seems as Aryne finds out. Especially not when the vagrant "Duke" is involved. All any of them were trying to do was survive, who knew that that involved making sure everyone else did too? - This one's a challenge, writing a dialogue when one of the character's is a mute is hard, but in a welcome way.

Destiny Breaker-In a world where your path is set from the moment you're born, Orian was a child destined to die. Not only has he managed to avoid that fate, he dreams of a hero's lot, reserved for the first son of a first son of a first son, not the seventh of a seventh, he's assigned to be a pike-man, in other words canon-fodder. It seems, however, that fate has something else in store for him, or rather it doesn't. Suddenly freed from his destiny, he teams up with an academic fighter, a rowdy mage, and fortune teller who doesn't believe in fate to figure out how it was possible and why the gods wouldn't want it in the first place.

The Agency- In this story, Demons are a commonplace occurrence. In fact, they're so commonplace that special groups of exorcists have started to crop up as pest control. The Extermination and Exorcism Agency is one of these groups. With her special talents, Tavi was a one-woman exorcism machine, until her boss decided that the Agency needed to increase its business. Now Tavi's stuck with two new partners, a gothic priestess and a demon hybrid, trying to compete against the government monopoly and trying to avoid a fanatic broken off faction of the church who's convinced she's either their savior or the devil incarnate. For all this trouble, she better have one helluva raise in her future.

Shadestones- Growing up with special "gifts" was hard enough the first time. Now Kevin "Keeva" Havermyer has to do it again, and hopefully get it right this time! That means sticking to his best friend like glue, ignoring the new girl, not unleashing a great demonic force on his graduation day, and making it up to the girl of his dreams before he ever does anything wrong. Not to forget the fact that he can control wind and water and apparently the great demonic force followed him back in time, he also has to train his fellow soldiers in the good fight to be his fellow soldiers and keep the demons off of his trail. Not too much for Keeva to handle, except he's stuck as an eight-year-old. Life sucks.

The Scarecrow Chronicles- In this Ozian inspired tale, Tempest journeys into the Ozmond Wastes to find out what's causing the paranormal attacks on her village, and hopefully to find her missing fiance. A kind witch gives her a living scarecrow for a guard and they're off following the Brick Yellow River. Along the way they'll be joined by steal-plated lords, cursed beast-men, and maybe the ragtag group will find the real reason for Ryuu's disappearance all those years ago. Or maybe Tempest will fall for one of her new suitors?

So there you go. Twelve of the stories, everything else is on an even more permanent hiatus, so why even bother? Anyway, after feedback, oneshots will be removed in order to avoid any chance of spoilers. Sorry. But if any of this really interests you, drop me a line. I love to babble about my stories.

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Never, never follow mutant squirrel-chihuahua-otter-things.
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