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Current Projects

Since I like to procrastinate, bite off more than I can chew, and over-extend myself, I will write one story at a time until I finish it. My current work-in-progress is GoRHS (Ghosts of Roosevelt High). This is about a bunch of crazy high school kids, and set in the high school I attened. The fictional version is much, much more intense and exagerated than the real one. GoRHS is going to be a full-length novel covering the entire school year, from the first day of school to the end of the year, so it will definanantly take some time.

My project number two, which is technically a screenplay so I don't think it applies to the one-at-a-time rule, is Ella. If you have been anywhere near a TV or Newspaper in the last year, you've heard about Detroit. The mayor is, well, crappy. The city's in deep. There's not much we can do...or is there? In Ella, a teenager is elected mayor of her city, Holly Heights (aka Detroit). Holly Heights faces many of the same problems as Detroit, and Ella presents many solutions that could translate into real life. If you are active in Detroit government, you need to read this.

Project numero tres is something I do in my spare time or whenever I feel angsty. It's a collection of poetry called Innocent Valentines, and most of it has to do with a recent, time-consuming relationship with a boy who broke my heart. Revel at the annoying rhymes!

Upcoming Projects

Next, I really want to write a vamire thriller. I've never done a horror story before, so I'm excited about it. No, I'm not just another Stephenie Meyer wannabe, because mine won't be a romance. There will probably be some sci-fi elements in it, as well as comedy. Comedy is what I do best, so I want to incorporate something I know I can do well into it.

Another idea I had was a historical fiction about a woman who owns a hotel. That one is still in the pipeworks, so it will definantly take a while.

GoRHS: Now with Disclaimer:

Because people can be lame and take things out of context, GoRHS now comes with a disclaimer. GoRHS is completely fictional. This is why it is on a site called "FICTION Press." Nothing in the story ever really happened. The real RHS has rules, fights result in suspensions, drugs aren't permitted on school grounds (or anywhere else. They're illegal, you know.), profanity is generally frowned upon, seniors are nice and not evil, and the teachers aren't as eccentric. The real RHS is a great school that I like going to and I'm not trying to be a rebellious jerk by writing about it. The main charactor in GoRHS (Mollie) is angsty and views thing in a negative light, and in order to keep things in charactor I have her badmouth the school. I used a real school in the story for the sake of authenticity, so please don't flame/sue me/throw mud pies. Thanks.

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