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March 18, 2008: We have a new profile pic, as you can see. It's from the TUTA (based out of Chicago, Illinois, USA) production of "Alice". It's the mad tea party. Fitting, no?

February 22, 2008: Hey there, all! Welcome to Mad Tea Productions. We're a three-person group specializing in Fantasy/Humor/Romance, based out of London. I'm Alice (your Mad Hatter), humourist extraordinaire. Greg is our fantasy buff (the Door Mouse). Don't talk to him about Tolkein, he'll never shut up. XD And that leaves Emyline, romanticist to the extreme (our fluffy little March Hare).

We'll kick off our newest project in March, just as Emy goes positively mad...

General Info:

Alice Von Gruenigen: The Mad Hatter. My surname is German, and you're going to mispronounce it anyway, so I won't bother to phoneticize it. I'm seventeen years old. My birthday's January 13, which makes me the baby of the group. (I think that's why I let them handle all of the more... mature subjects, and I just handle the comedic relief). I'm bi, but Greg likes to call me gender-neutral because I'm picky. I can be found in the backseat of your car and at 5' 1" (pocket-sized for your convenience), I fit into most overhead storage units. My favourite band right now would probably be the Red Hot Chili Peppers (the Blood Sugar Sex Magic era, not the Stadium Arcadium crap) and I would give anything to see them in concert. My favourite colours are red and green, but not together. It's not fucking Christmas 24/7/365 in AliceLand. My favourite number is 360, as in degrees, and my favourite foods are Necco Tart Sweethearts (the ones with the cute little sayings on them) and fortune cookies. I guess I'm a sucker for foods that tell me things... Oscar Wilde is my God. I love parlor room humour. Too bad it's not my kind of humour to write.


Greg Dufaux: The Door Mouse. I don't know why I got stuck being the Door Mouse. I mean, didn't he sleep most of the time, anyway? -.-; At any rate, I'm eighteen years old. My birthday is April 26, which means I'm just around the corner from 19 and also the oldest in the group. I'm straight, but Alice and Emy constantly try to set me up with random guys they meet at the mall. It's actually quite frightening. I'm 6' 2", with naturally blonde hair which I recently dyed black, and grey eyes. I can be found in my own world most of the time, but you're welcome to join me, if you wish. I don't have a lot of patience for favourites, but if you want to know more you can send me a message any time.


Emyline Zinsli: The March Hare. 18 years old, born February 8, I'm forever in the middle. I'm straight, and I don't appreciate girls hitting on me. (EXCEPT ME! ALICE WAS HEEEERE!) I'm a hopeless romantic, but I'm also flighty and I've yet to find a guy who can keep my attentions, so I pour all of my bottled up longings for romance into my stories. I also have no patience for favourites, and I don't feel like telling you what I look like, so feel free to contact me, if you wish. Goodbye for now.


Please Forgive Me by Rezound
This is a song about my struggle holding on to a relationship that i knew i didnt need. I finally realized what was important in my life, and that was my relationship with God. As soon as I quite being selfish, I realized everything i needed was there.
Poetry: Song - Rated: K - English - Spiritual - Chapters: 1 - Words: 170 - Favs: 1 - Published: 3/5/2008 - Complete
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