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03/15/09: I'm planning to make a comeback soon (this is for anyone who still reads my stuff...) but it's really hard. I honestly don't have my muse back yet and no inspiration to write anything and then even if Kat (my muse) returns she never does anything right! Being a perfectionist definitely does suck...

02/08/09: I'm alive... Seriously. Huge mindblock. Planning to make a website for my stories. Awesome. Be back later.


WHEATHER: Aidan Marie is the victim of torture by the one person who she despises - and yet secretly loves - the most; Caleb Dunst. Fate doesn't seem to want them together as friends or lovers and their friends and family seem to agree. So what does Aidan do when Caleb suddenly wants to rebel against these factors? Especially when he holds a power that's mostly harmless, but still amazing, at the same time?

WELCOME TO THE NOBLE ACADEMY OF THE RICH: The N.A.R. is noted for it's beautiful landscape and design, but even more so for the amount of donations that its students contribute every year. Seth Livingston and his clique are the Kings and Queens of the school, being the richest, and are about to welcome in Jacey Copeland and her two best friends into their exclusive little group. But little does the gang know about the secet that Jacey's been hiding. The secret that could corrupt N.A.R.'s monarchy in an instant.

THE ASTER (COMING SOON): Meet Ray Hill. He doesn't give a shit about authority, is normally sarcastic and has been raised since birth to become an exorcist. But Ray's easygoing, do-whatever-I-want lifestyle comes crashing down when he's assigned the odd job of kidnapping a girl in front of every other exorcist in the city. The strange thing about this job other then the fact that it has no association towards demons whatsoever, is that he's supposed to play body guard for this girl who is - undeniably - the cause of envy amongst women everywhere. But not only that is a mysterious case that is as gruesome as it gets and then the war between werewolves and vampires is stirring up again because of it. Now how does the girl add up with all of this?

CANDLELIGHT (COMING SOON): Chase McKnight, or, Chase 'Em as his fans so foolishly nicknamed him, has it all; the looks, the fame, the glory and the talent. But Chase is outrageously arrogant and his labeled the spoiled Pretty Boy of the media. So what changes the stuck-up artist? Well, it's actually a who. A who by the name of Elayne Desmond. A who, who is blind and has been since birth.


Interesting question, n'est pas?

So... I live in Canada... I can speak/understand some French and I'm actually, technically, Asian! My friends have no idea that I'm on this site and most of them don't know I write so I guess I'm a closet writer? My pen name is the name of my muse - yes, I did name it believe it or not - and I think it's awesome so back off haters ! >:D

My favourite author at the moment is Cornelia Funke and I honestly think that the Inkheart series is much better then Twilight. But I still love Twilight nonetheless! I just thought the movie sucked... as did the Inkheart's and many other film adaptations based on books. The Alchemist is one of the most inspirational stories you could ever read, in my opinion, but if you're into humour I'd suggest the Hamish X series. Oh boy did that book make me LOL!

If you've realized, a lot of my stories incorporate the same ideas and concepts but that's because I usually write about things I like. For example, most of my stories have something to do with music and that's the result of my 'musicality'; I've been playing piano for about five years now, guitar for one and singing all my life.


WHEATHER: Caleb, Dominic, Vincent, Aidan


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If I Shall Die Before You Wake by E. Collins reviews
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The Careless Man's Careful Daughter
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Wheather reviews
Caleb Dunst and I are absolutely, positively not meant for each other. So why does fate have to be so flexible and have so many twists that bring us together in ways that it shouldn't? And why does my heart always go the opposite of way of where to go?
Fiction: Young Adult - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 21 - Words: 26,355 - Reviews: 26 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 9/5/2008 - Published: 5/15/2008