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>>: The guy in the background is the protagonist of the Sci-Fi game, PROTOTYPE, named Alex Mercer. Just tweaking around a pic of his using Photoshop! :))

Alright, where should I start??

First, I am a Filipino (and I'm proud to be one!)

I am getting older every year... :(


My favorite anime is Naruto

A big fan of Tobi (Naruto)

I also have an account at (same pen name -- Red - Eyed - Raven93)

Noob when it comes to original stories (so please help me out especially when it comes to grammar matters.)

And also... my stories are MINE! So don't even think about copying it without my permission. Thanks. :)

Now, I'll tell you something about my current story (ies)... (new list.)

1. Breaking the Adamant Chain

Story Cover:

Genre: Action/ Sci-Fi/ Adventure

Rating: T (for all the things kids shouldn't know about...)

About it: Aragon Ferlcci, a powerful man with mysterious abilities and intentions, rises up to rule and to unite a torn world. But it seems that the ambition of peace is just a fake facade of what he really wants to happen in this world. Rojan Dusk (or what his brothers and sisters of the cause call him), a young man full of ambition, skill of a good speaker, and excellent strategist, believes that all Ferlucci wants is the ultimate destruction for humankind and starts to wage an insurrection against him. But the plot fails. Rojan Dusk mysteriously disappears and the whole rebel group is disbanded. Ferlucci agrees in reconciliation and is willing to give the rebels a new life... but what is behind all this charity is soon to be told-- if it's not yet too late.

2. Blitz Strike-Code: HAL0GEN

Story Cover: (Soon)

Genre: Sci-Fi/Drama/Tragedy

Rating: T (for blood and gore)

About it: It was supposed to be some kind of a prequel for BAC but I changed it into a semi-standalone story. More summary later. :)

Future projects:

If BAC is successful, I will create two more stories out of it namely:

1. BAC: Sword Breaker

Story Cover: (Soon)

Genre: Action/Drama/Romance

Rating: T (To be safe)

About it: This is the story before the events of Breaking the Adamant Chain. Sort of a spin-off for BAC. It's mainly focused on Squad Leader GJ's tragic life and his complicated relationship with Elisanne Crannel during the unrest to the great rebellion waged by Rojan Dusk. The stories of the other characters in BAC are also narrated here.

Other Future Stories:

1. Angelus Errant

Story Cover: (NEW)

Genre: Supernatural/Romance/Drama

Rating: T

About it: If ever that you've read Blade100's Calling All Heroes! , you'll probably run to a snobby angelic heroine named Mirage. Well, this is her story: how she managed to come here on earth, her vainglorious mission, her human relationships, her tragedies, and everything.


1. The Knights of Mane

Story Cover: (Soon)

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Romance

Rating: T

About it: Set in a continent riddled with demonic offsprings and constant civil wars, an order of knights (whose reputation only exists in old legends in the legendary kingdom of Mane) seek to reclaim its supposed lost glory in the midst of these troubles. But a mysterious figure, endowed with some sord of magical powers, suddenly joins the order. Her identity will soon compromise the objective of the order and will force them between the two glories: the bloody glory of the past or the merciful glory of the present.

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