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Wow so I just looked back over my profile and I completely laughed. I think it made me sound like a thirteen year old.

Basically I'm just going to do a quick ten things about me and if you hate me you do but whatever.

1. I am very bisexual. I think it's quite funny because most of my old friends are like really but every single person who I just meet is like you're bi or lesbian right? and I have to be like yeah I am. It's kind of weird and makes me laugh.

2. I am addicted to music. All day everyday all the time.

3. I have an extremely large caffiene addiction. Me and whatever caffiented beverage you own would be best friends.

4. I am from Washington, D.C. Therefore due to the completely political aspect I am very up-to-date on politics though I try to avoid the topic because I have very strong views.

5. I'm German-Irish I can out drink you any day.

6. I'm a private school bitch. I have attended one of the most elite private schools in D.C. and transferred out to go to a different one and it goes on let's just say I have spent my whole life in private school but that doesn't mean I'm naive. The school that I go to now while still being in one of the richer areas is in no way preppy.

7. I want to go to the Naval Academy.

8. I'm slightly plump. Meaning while I cannot be classified as fat I am not by any means skinny. So when I lose the extra couple of pounds I am going to get my self a tatoo to commemorate the work I put in to lose the weight.

9. I don't believe in love.

10. While I do write occasionally I prefer to read other people's work. If I really enjoy it I comment if it is only so-so I just won't. So I like to believe that while my reviews are normally super nice I truly do mean whatever I just said to you very sincerely.

Um. If there is anything else you wish to know you can just message me or something. I have a livejournal if you want to read that (xrainbowchick) and I do update that pretty regularly but it kind of is a mess of whatever emotion I am feeling at the moment.

Chrissi (I sometimes go by Christy)

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The Truth reviews
Cycles...Please read and comment. please please
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