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Poll: Which ending should I choose? Both come to the same result, but have differents ways of getting there. Unfortunetly, I can't tell you what they are 'cause they wouldn't make sense. The characters are only in junior year, 'member? Lol anyway, please vote f Vote Now!
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Interview with an Author:

By: Melissa Morison

Hi! You all may know me as Melissa from VeryBoredGirl123's stories! She decided that you, her dear readers, don't know enough about her. She also decided that I, her character, should interview her. All for the fact she thought all of you should get to know her.

M: So, VeryBoredGirl123, I think I know the question's on everyone's mind. What is your real name?

VBG123: Well, I might as well tell you, but I'm only saying it once, no matter what. It's-loud noise keeping everyone from hearing-

M: Umm...I don't think we heard you...could your repeat it please?

VBG123: No. I said I'm only going to say it once. If you didn't hear, I'm sorry. But I'm not saying it again.

M: Alright...Next question. How old are you?

VBG123: I just had my birthday in septemember! Lol so i'm a year older than half way to 30.

M: Wow! I would have thought you were older.

VBG123: -laughs- I get that a lot. Especially ‘cause of what I write.

M: Speaking of what you write, what would you say your specialty is? What do write the best?

VBG123: I think I'm fairly good at writing Smut. But I dabble in a few other writing styles. Right now, I have an action/fantasy story. It's a little complicated to explain, and I don't think it's very good, but hey, they can't all be great. In fact i think i deleted it...-nervous chuckle-

M: I heard that you listen to music a lot, what do you listen to?

VBG123: I listen to a little bit of everything, so I don't have a defined style, but I listen to everything from Bless the Fall to Colbie Callet, or however you spell her name.

M: Do you listen to music when you write?

VBG123: All the time! I can't write if I'm not. Even if I have a song stuck in my head I can write, but if I don't it's nearly impossible.

M: Does what you're listening to affect what you write?

VBG123: -laugh- Oh hell yeah! A lot of times, I'll start out writing one way, like, I'll make it up as I go sort of thing, and it will end a completely different way than when I started! All because the songs changed!

M: Do you use spell check a lot?

VBG123: two words: Hell Yes. I remember there was a time, not too long ago, that I lost the Word program on my laptop, so I was stuck with Notepad. Holy crap, when I got Word back there were so many spelling and grammar errors! It was like attack of the red and blue squiggle lines! -Laughs-

M: -laugh- so, what famous writer is your favorite?

VBG123: Hmm...I has two. Stephenie Meyer, the lady who writes the Twilight series. I also really like Holly Black. She did a three part series, I think I'm not sure if another book is out yet, but the first book is called Tithe. Both authors are really great!

M: Who is your favorite non-famous author?

VBG123: Hmmm...that is a tie between my friends and Nollie Marie. My friends write a bunch of great stuff. And Nollie Marie is a Fan fiction writer. She does a bunch of Twilight fan-fics that are great! LOVE YOUR STUFF NOLLIE!!

M: -laugh- who-

VBG123's Mom: -loud noise- GET YOUR BUTT TO BED!! NOW!!

VBG123: Uh...sorry I have to cut this short but I have to go...

M: It's fine. See you later!

VBG123: TTFN!! -Goes to bed-

Well, that's all we have for an interview. I hope you got to know her! See you all next time! :D

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