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Welcome to Harry's Scar

I hope you agree that I have been more active in the past month. I have definitely been receiving more hits, and I thank you all for that! Keep visiting my stories, as there will be new ones posted. I am serious about the release dates below. And about the release dates below, they mean that they will be posted no later than the date listed. It does not necessarily mean that it will not be posted before that date.

Sorry about keeping postponing my stories, fans (if I have any left, and if you haven't completely given up on me). I really want to continue my writing, and Help me God I will get them done eventually. I am taking four AP classes this year in high school and four again next year, and really my time shouldn't free up until the end of Senior year, May 2014. I will do my best to write my stories as soon as possible, but please understand my predicament and where my priorities lie (school).

Hi Everyone! I hope you enjoy my future stories. I joined on March 1st 2008, and I am happy to have done so. Some people like my stories, and some people don't. If you don't, that's fine, but please send me a review telling me what you didn't like. Also, if you did like it please send me a review telling me what to keep the same. My reaction to reviews are, well, I love them!

Instead of saying "Great, only two reviews." I say, "Holy crap! Two reviews!" Then jump around like a maniac in my joy. Paste this to your profile if you're one of those people who would be jumping with me.

Favorite School Subject:Chemistry

Favorite Animal: Bald Eagle

Favorite Color: Yellow

Story Type:Fiction/Mystery/Poetry/Spiritual


Current Grade Level: High School Grade 11

Career Goal: Christian-Protestant Congregationalist Minister

Favorite Baseball Team: The New York Yankees

Reaction to Reviews:I love getting reviews, so please take the time to write them. I don't care how short they are. The reason I like them is because they tell me how I can improve my writing skills. They tell me what I need to improve on, and what I need to keep the same. If you give me reviews, I will respond to you and give you reviews. I would really appreciate them. Thank you to those who have already given me awesome reviews.

Oh, and if you can answer my poll too, I would love that too. :)

Also, please join my forum, recently posted. It's a story about a time machine and it's success, or unsuccessful, called the Time Travel Test. I would appreciate more volunteers to join this forum in the very near future. The forum has just begun, and currently there are four participants, whom I would like to thank. The forum is currently stale for busy lives or whatever else, and will hopefully be continued in the near future. Feel free to check out what has been posted so far and PM me if you are interested.

Coming Soon... (Yeah, I know, how soon is soon?)

The Boy Who Could Make Magic

(Join Sam and the Dragon Voyagers on their wondrous adventure to save the world!)(The Dragon Voyagers must cross many dangers to reach their destiny.)

Release Date- Chapter 1: Postponed

Note: This novel will be postponed likely until AFTER The Time-Travel Follower. I will finish Boy Scouts With God = Reverence then write The Seven Essentials of Life. That will be followed by The Time Travel Follower or The Boy Who Could Make Magic.

How Boy Scouts has led me to my everlasting faith in God (Title: Boy Scouts With God = Reverence)

I'm thinking about writing something about my growing interests, such as boy scouts and ministry. Maybe it will turn into an autobiography. Who knows?

Release Dates:

Chapter One (Cub Scout Memories): December 31, 2011 (Posted)

Chapter Two (Boy Scout Adventure): January 20, 2012 (Posted)

Chapter Three (Transition: Sunday School to Confirmation to SPF): November 2, 2012 (Posted)

Chapter Four (Relationship: The Outdoors and God): December 31, 2012 (Posted)

Chapter Five (My Current Life with the Boy Scouts): June 30, 2013 (Posted)

Chapter Six (My Current Life with the Ministries of My Church): May 22, 2014

Chapter Seven (My Future Life With the Church): June 15, 2014

Chapter Eight (God and Life): August 20, 2014

(How has God led us to be what we are? What has God helped us find and realize in life?)

The Seven Essentials of Life

I have bits and pieces of writings I will compile into each chapter, and write more as stuff comes to my mind. I have given sermons on some of these topics, and so will include those in here, so I know I will have a lot to say on each topic. Stay patient and they will arrive eventually.

Release Dates:

Chapter One (Hope): To Be Determined

Chapter Two (Faith): To Be Determined

Chapter Three (Peace): To Be Determined

Chapter Four (Love): To Be Determined

Chapter Five (Joy): To Be Determined

Chapter Six (Christ): To Be Determined

Chapter Seven (Time to think/Rest): To Be Determined

Chapter Eight: (What is Seven?): To Be Determined

The Time-Travel Follower This will be a novel, hopefully. The year is 2275. A boy of about twelve is actively involved in his church by singing in the boys and girls choir and going to Sunday School every Sunday. At first he thinks he does it because his parents make him, and he truly believes that. He even believes that God and the Bible are all nonsense, like his friends. He tells all his friends this, and they believe him. Until one day when his life turns around. When his father comes out with the first ever time machine of the world. His family becomes famous. The demand for the time machines becomes so great that the boy, Douglas, wants to see what all the fuss is about. He and his seventeen-year old brother Frank steal their father's time machine one night to embark on an adventure they will never forget.

Release Dates:

Part One: The Early Years

Chapter One (Why?): Undetermined

Chapter Two (The Idea): Undetermined

Chapter Three (Normal): Undetermined

Part Two: The Invention

Chapter Four (Success?): Undetermined

Chapter Five (The Hope): Undetermined

Chapter Six (The Plot): Undetermined

Part Three: The Exodus

Chapter Seven (The Light of the Desert): Undetermined

Chapter Eight (It's Him!): Undetermined

Chapter Nine (The Rejection): Undetermined

Chapter Ten (Back Home): Undetermined

Part Four: The Discovery

Chapter Eleven (The Messiah's Merry Meditation): Undetermined

Chapter Twelve (Dad!): Undetermined

Part Five: The Real-Life Miracle

Chapter Thirteen (The Growth and Consequences): Undetermined

Chapter Fourteen (The Cry of the World): Undetermined

Chapter Fifteen (The Boon of Life): Undetermined

Epilogue (When the World Really Stood Still): Undetermined

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