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My name Is Sarah,I'm 16 years old.

I'm very odd, I'm really shy and awkward, and yet I'm loud and weird at the same time. People say I'm goth, which I do not mind, even though i'm not.

I mostly write, read, listen to music, hang with my friends, and find ways to annoy people.

My favorite bands are Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Panic At the Disco!,My Chemical Romance, A.F.I, Daughtery, and Evanescence.

My favorite movies are Sweeney Todd, Atonement, I am Legend, Pirates of the Caribbean 1 to 3, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Corpse Bride.

My favorite books are Atonement, Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angles, The Sweet Far Thing,the Harry Potter series, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and The Host.

My favorite director is Tim Burton

My favorite actors are Johnny Depp, James McAvoy, Robbert Pattinson, and Alan Rickman.

My favorite actresses are Keira Knightly, Angelina Jolie, and Nicole Kidman.

All right, if you don't want to read my stories, I understand. If you want to comment on my stories you can. Feedback is nice.

Visit for writing rehab

Sayings I made up, and love to say:

1. Quick, where's the tea kettle?

2. Conspiracy Theory

3. Unauthorized Priests

4. If you're my tomato then I must be your potato

5. Bulgie Sack

6. Rockin Awesome

7. Ahh... Stalker

8. Someone put my shoes on

9. Go get a damn tan

10. I'm not crazy, I'm just quixotic

11. Your not special, your special ed

12. I'm being violated by air!

13. It's like guitar hero for spaz's

14. "I'm thinking about getting my hair cut. What do you think?"

"Why would you do that? I love the way your hair looks. The way it hides your face. The way, it makes me feel attracted to you. In my opinion your hair is the second most sexy feature about you” Chuck said nonchalantly.

I shot up a curious look at my boyfriend. “You think my hair is sexy?!” I exclaimed.

“No, I said the second most. The first most would be your eyes. In my opinion your eyes tell me everything about you at a certain moment. It tells me what your thinking and feeling at a certain moment. After I look in your eyes, I know the way you thin and feel. Your eyes give it away for you”.

I stared at him hard, he knew the way I felt and think already. I didn’t think he thought my eyes were sexy, not that at all.

Luminous Character Listing

Robbert Patterson- Is a vampire. He goes to Yale University of the arts. He falls madly in love with Sara Johnson. He is an acting major.

Sara Johnson- Is a human. She is a music major. She is quiet and very smart. She is also very childish and serious. She falls in love with Robbert Patterson.

Noelle Doyle- Is a human for now. Tends to be childish. Smart, very serious. She falls in love Liam Patterson. She is a art major.

Mercedes Benz- Is a human. She is also a music major like Sara. She's very flamboient and pervertive. She is smart and EXTREMELY childish. Becomes best friends with Brandon Patterson.

Elanna Meroni- Is a human. She is a drama major. She is very serious when acting. She is nice, and VERY controlling. Becomes friends with Jonel Patterson.

Charles Patterson- Is a vampire. He acts like a father to Robbert, Rose, Jack, Jonel, Brandon, and Liam. He works as a music proffessor. He is married to Lorali Patterson.

Lorelai Patterson- Is a vampire. She acts like a mother to Robbert,Rose, Jack, Jonel, Brandon, and Liam. She works as a art proffessor. She is married to Charles Patterson.

Rose Danes- Is a vampire. She is married to Jack Danes. But they act like they are twins, so know one knows they are married. She is very out going. And very silly. Her major is acting.

Jack Danes- Is a vampire. He is married to Rose Danes. But they act like they are twins, so know one knows they are married. He is very exhilarating when he plays his music. He's very playful. He is a music major.

Jonel Patterson- is a vampire. His major is law. He's very quiet. He has a secret crush on Elanna Meroni. When you know him well he's pretty funny.

Brandon Patterson- is a vampire. His major is journalism. He is fond of Mercedes Benz. He is also very playful.

Liam Patterson- Is a vampire. His major is medicine. He falls madly in love with Noelle Doyle. Even though he's a vampire, he breaks the rules for love. He's very seroius when doing work. He turns Noelle into a vampire.

Luther De Grassi- is a evil vampire. He trys to hurt Mercedes, Elanna, and Sara. He trys to take them away from everyone they love. He is very calm and sadistic when goes to kill. He works at Yale. As Yale Arts Principal.

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